Sound Fighter System - America First-Ever Sound-Absorbing Panels

 (photo credit: SOUND FIGHTER)
(photo credit: SOUND FIGHTER)

As humans continue to evolve with time, they have been moving towards progression. But with progress, most human activities have been proving to be hazardous for the environment. Even though most people are aware of the various consequences, increasing health concerns due to human activities suggest otherwise. Over the past 50 years, those effects have turned into serious threats to peoples' health and well-being. 

Since the 1960s, human activities have been steeply damaging the planet. Whether it’s through air pollution, land, or water, almost every aspect of the earth has been negatively impacted. As a result, extreme weather conditions, less clean water, and fewer nutrients in staple food crops are just some of the consequences that have been posing a severe threat to human lives. One such human activity that is another huge issue (which is hugely understated) is noise pollution.

With the advancement of technology, there has been a significant increase in noise pollution. Whether it be HVAC systems, oil refineries, manufacturing, and power plants, every company plays its part in contributing to loud noises. Thankfully addressing this problem is the oldest noise absorptive barrier company in America, Sound Fighter® Systems. 

Launched in 1973, Sound Fighter® Systems (SFS) has been designing and manufacturing soundproof panels. These have been created for maximum noise attenuation for outdoor use. Over the decades, SFS has produced thousands of sound barriers that have reduced the noise pollution levels and played a major role in reducing health threats to both people and animals in the nearby areas. 

A Step Towards A Cleaner Environment 

According to research, a noise level above 120 decibels can cause significant harm to peoples’ hearing. Most manufacturing companies and other industries produce high noises that contribute to noise pollution. Sound Fighter® Systems is a reliable company that has created various noise reduction products and technologies that have proved to be extremely effective.

A useful noise barrier wall that’s been actively reducing noise pollution for the past few decades is SFS’s LSE® noise barriers. These high-performance panels are made of polyethylene material that breaks down the high noise levels and absorbs them rather than reflecting them in any other direction. The strong panels are a perfect fit for outdoor locations with harsh conditions.  And, they can easily be installed without creating any noise disturbance providing hugely significant results. 

As the urban construction overlaps the residential areas, the residents face major issues living in a noisy environment. Even construction work has become too noisy and is often too much to handle. Sound Fighter® Systems solve such issues, a company that has opted to manufacture absorptive sound barriers instead of reflective ones. 

When comparing the absorptive sound barriers with the reflective types, the company has proved that absorptive barriers are much more reliable and useful. With the reflective noise panels, the sound is merely deflected in another direction. However, with the absorptive models, the sound is trapped in the panel's material without creating noise pollution in other areas. 

As the company makes good use of the modern technology of the SonaGuard® system, they have been able to partner with many companies successfully. The unique quality of these noise barriers has been a groundbreaking introduction into the US market–one that has made the survival of other noise panel companies extremely competitive. 

On top of this, the widely chosen RetroSorb® absorptive noise panels have also received a phenomenal response. With the extreme weather conditions and the constant climate change, the chances of corrosion and rust become quite high. Tackling this problem are the RetroSrob® sound barriers created with non-corrosive perforated aluminum, a much-preferred material by most clients. Apart from increasing the panels' lifespan, the aluminum sound walls of the RetroSorb® are extremely lightweight, making it easier to change the direction of the panels. 

Previously, there were much fewer health issues for humans caused due to the environment. With the rise in development, human activities have been causing massive harm to the environment. As a result, there has been a great rise in deteriorating health conditions. Sadly, noise pollution is an issue that has been previously ignored. Nevertheless, companies like Sound Fighter® Systems have been taking health problems resulting from noise pollution seriously and creating effective soundproof solutions. These proprietary barrier panels have been designed to keep in mind their clients' modern needs and requirements. 

With countless applications and uses and highly customizable paneling, Sound Fighter® Systems is the solution to noise pollution.