The evolution of casinos from ancient times to the digital age

  (photo credit: PIXABAY)
(photo credit: PIXABAY)

Nowadays there are many great betting providers fully focused on innovation, such as bet365 casino, that are offering digital betting services to their clients. But have you ever thought about the origin of the casino? 

How old is gambling, and how did people bet before the casino became the one, we know today? 

The evolution of casinos from ancient times to digital age is an interesting process and we are about to tell you more about it.

Undoubtedly, casinos date back to ancient times and have some interesting history, including all the developments they have been through. As far as we know, the first physical evidence of gambling we have is from 3,000 BC and comes from Iran. People were betting on fights between animals, on races, and later, on cards and lotto games, and they didn’t use money but products such as livestock. People started to use money in 7th century after the first currency was developed.

But let’s get to a little more present times and the first appearances of the casinos. 

It was officially opened in Venice back in 1638, so the origins of casino come from Italy. Once these betting houses were opened, people started choosing them, instead of a bar or another place. But the modern casinos were launched a little later, in the 1800s. They used to have an impressive design, they had massive construction, since only noble people used to attend them. However, the casinos started to become more popular among the population, and smaller halls opened their doors to visitors. 

Gambling didn’t stop there but continued to expand its boundaries and to grow its popularity with more and more casinos all around the globe in different countries. Once gambling finally became legitimate in some states in the USA in the year of 1930, its popularity became bigger than ever. 

The first gambling machine was developed in New York, and it was followed by the first video slots that were developed in the 1970s. It was the video slot that began the digitalization of gambling. 

How did we get to the digital age and to the so popular online gambling? 

It all happened thanks to the development of gambling software by Microgaming in the late 90’s, when the internet was invented. After the debut of online casinos and the amazing opportunity of betting from home, more and more people decided to give the casinos a try. 

Digital casinos became extremely popular not so long ago – it was during the COVID pandemic when everybody had to stay home. Many gambling lovers couldn’t stop enjoying their hobby, so more and more casinos launched their online versions with great advantages, including bonuses, promotions, a huge portfolio of games, and 24/7 support available. The innovations in the betting sector continue to surprise us, and we can only wait to see what is about to come after the digital age of casinos. 

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