The Shimmering Heart of Tel Aviv; The Israel Diamond Exchange

Open for Tours; Explore the Culture, History and Success of the Israeli Diamond Industry

  (photo credit: IsraelTours4U)
(photo credit: IsraelTours4U)

Looking for that one of a kind day trip in Israel? Look no further! The Israel Diamond Exchange is now open for private tours of the immense diamond world in the Tel Aviv District with IsraelTours4U. Tourists and locals alike have been fascinated by the eye-opening experience of the hidden diamond empire in Ramat Gan, Israel. 

In 2020, Israel exported $5.77B in diamonds, making it the 5th largest exporter of diamonds in the world and it was the 1st most exported product in Israel. This small and young country is a significant contributor to the international diamond trade and the 2 hour tour of the Israel Diamond Exchange delves into the hidden diamond world in the center of Israel. 

“Diamonds play a significant part in Israeli culture and economy, and we think it's important to share this booming part of the Israeli industry with tourists and those wishing to learn more” says the CEO of IsraelTours4U. 

The private tour starts off inside a diamond cutting factory in Ramat Gan, where the source of Israel’s diamond success is revealed. As there are no diamond mines in Israel, the booming diamond industry started in the diamond cutting factories. Israeli diamond cutters and polishers are known internationally for their master skill set, and high quality work, and Israeli diamond cutters put Israel on the map to become a diamond empire. 

The Israel Diamond Exchange was founded in 1937, but moved into its official complex in the late 1960’s in Ramat Gan. It has since expanded into an interconnected, four building complex that holds the title of the world’s largest diamond exchange. The Exchange bars entry to visitors who don't meet their entry requirements which includes a personal invitation from a pre-approved diamond exchange member, identification, fingerprints and facial scans to ensure the safety and security of the building, the traders and employees inside. The Israel Diamond Exchange tour provides entry for visitors to the Israel Diamond Exchange to get a first hand look at the inner workings of one of the most successful industries in Israel. 

The Israel Diamond Exchange is a huge proponent and active advocate of the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley Process is an agency that enables Bourse’s, diamond traders and dealers to exclude diamonds whose profits are funding guerilla wars and being used to overthrow legitimate governments. The way this is reinforced, is that every single diamond entering the Exchange must have a certificate of origin to authenticate and ensure that Israel does not profit off of a single blood diamond. Any Israeli trader caught dealing in diamonds who’s origin isn’t clear, their membership can be immediately revoked, which causes irrevocable harm to the trader, and the traders co-workers, family or future generations that wished to enter the diamond industry.

Credit: IsraelTours4UCredit: IsraelTours4U

There are 3,100 official members of the Israel Diamond Exchange who have been approved and accepted to be international diamond traders. After a long and detailed application process, these elite members will be accepted into diamond trading halls across the globe to conduct diamond trade. In Israel, close to 40% of the Diamond Exchange members identify as Orthodox, yet the diversity between traders is never a hindrance and there is a sense of community, friendship and respect that can be felt in the trading hall itself and throughout the complex as well. The diversity of the Israeli diamond community, from religion, race and gender is a statement to the unity of Israeli culture. 

The Jewish people have a deep and close history with diamonds, and the generational skills and knowledge passed down is a contributing factor to the success Israel has with diamonds. Because of how many diamonds pass through the Israeli Diamond Exchange, there is a close to a ¼ chance that a diamond purchased in the US originated in Israel, whether cut and polished, or dealt and traded. Diamonds can pass through as many as 7 hands till the consumer has it, and each hand it passes through increases the price tag of the diamond. The Israel Diamond Exchange is high up on the pecking order making diamond prices in the Israel Diamond Exchange significantly more affordable, in comparison to diamonds purchased in jewelry stores in the U.S. 

The Jewish influence on the diamond trade is immense, and the greatest indicator is the Yiddish terminology and vernacular in the universal diamond trade. For example, the paper envelopes that diamonds are sorted into are known as ‘brivke’ across the globe. When asking for an opinion on a diamond evaluation, traders will ask for a ‘shats’, and when diamond deals are sealed, the universal terminology used is ‘mazal u’bracha’. These are just a few examples of the Jewish culture that has permeated throughout the international diamond trade. There are many more Jewish influences in the international diamond trade that are explored with IsraelTours4U’s diamond tour. 

The experience finishes off in a boutique in the newest building of the Israel Diamond Exchange, where visitors get the opportunity to see and examine unique diamonds that are difficult to find anywhere else. There is a non-obligatory opportunity for browsing and purchases under the Duty Free agreement. Over refreshments, there is a gemological lesson where visitors can learn how to evaluate diamonds and understand what contributes or deducts from a diamond’s price tag, to enable them to be able to purchase diamonds with confidence and knowledge. 

The 2 hour private tour with IsraelTours4U, provides visitors the eye-opening experience from the perception of the Israeli diamond professionals. The hands-on and entertaining experience is a great way to have a day trip in Israel and is the perfect way to learn the history, culture and industry of Israel in a way that has never been explored before. 

There are many different ways tourists can choose to explore this part of Israeli industry. IsraelTours4U offers a range of luxury and romantic tours in conjunction with the diamond tour to allow each visitor to experience it in a unique and personalized way.

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