The Top 5 Business Phone Services for Startups and Enterprises

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Right now, more startups and enterprises than ever before are turning to cloud services and other offsite infrastructure providers for technology solutions. They're doing it because such solutions offer cost savings that can't be matched by traditional on-site hardware systems. One type of solution, in particular, that's seeing an explosion of interest is cloud-based business phone service.
They offer flexibility that isn't available with legacy on-site PBX phone systems and don't require expensive ongoing maintenance, either. And with the recent rise in remote working necessitated by the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, that flexibility is becoming a must-have for businesses of all kinds.
But with countless options to choose from, it's not always a simple matter for decision-makers to settle on the right service for their company. To help, here's a rundown of the top five business phone services for startups and enterprises.
1. Nextiva
Founded in 2008, Scottsdale Arizona-based Nextiva is a rising star in the business telephony market. They've been gaining traction in this crowded market by offering businesses a platform that does far more than make and receive calls. Their Business Communication Suite combines VoIP phone functionality alongside CRM tools, making for a single-platform solution to managing customer contacts.
At the time of this writing, Nextiva was also beta-testing collaboration features that will soon become part of their suite of tools. That should become a perfect solution for the growing number of startups opting to support outsourced workforces spread across the world and need a unified way to stay in touch. They even use a custom AI-powered system that allows for automated workflows and customer sentiment tracking, which makes the system ideal for startups who have little in the way of pre-existing infrastructure. In other words, they're the perfect partner for a startup building from the ground up.
2. Grasshopper
Designed for ease of use and dead-simple setup, Grasshopper offers virtual PBX systems at the touch of a button. Acquired by remote PC specialists LogMeIn in 2018, it is now part of a suite of business tools that offers remote access, conferencing, and telephony services. What makes Grasshopper attractive, particularly for startups, is their no-hardware approach that brings powerful enterprise-class features to any existing landline or cellular phone. It's an excellent option for early-stage firms, but can be somewhat limiting for larger organizations. Still, the simplicity it offers earns Grasshopper a high standing on this list.
3. Dialpad
Launched in 2011 by three alumni of the Google Voice product team, Dialpad has come a long way in a short time. It's Dialpad Voice platform is an all-in-one VoIP and UCaaS system aimed at businesses with predominantly mobile workers. It aims to capitalize on the growing bring-your-own-device trend that's been a staple of modern business technology policy. It's also built using the Google Cloud platform as a backbone, so it offers unparalleled stability and reliability. In short, it's just what you'd expect from a trio of former Google engineers.
4. RingCentral
As one of the oldest business telephony providers on the list, RingCentral brings a long history of service to the table. Its RingCentral Office offering is aimed at a mobile workforce and includes voice, user-to-user and group messaging, and video conferencing features in a single easy-to-use interface. Where RingCentral really shines is in its integration capabilities, with an API compatible with at least 180 other business applications. That makes it ideal for companies that already have significant sums invested in other solutions and don't want to have to start from scratch.
5. 8X8
Even though they're not as well-known as some of the other entries on this list, 8X8 nevertheless has earned its place. They did so by offering a range of cloud-based communications solutions aimed at the startup market. From their Virtual Office cloud-based VoIP system to their 8x8 Virtual Contact Center, they can handle everything from run-of-the-mill telephony all the way up to supporting an on-demand call center for a growing business. And with over 125 patents to their credit and counting, 8X8 isn't short on innovation either. While they may not be the flashiest provider of the bunch, they're more than worth considering for any startup or enterprise looking for a solid and reliable cloud-based business phone solution.
The Bottom Line
As the preceding list should have made clear, there's a business phone service provider to suit every conceivable need. From Nextiva's top-rated communications solutions to 8X8's dependable VoIP system and everything in between, there's no shortage of fantastic options. So, for any startup or enterprise in the market to take their communications infrastructure into the 21st century with a cloud-based solution, now's the perfect time to test the waters. And with every one of the providers covered here offering a high level of both service and support, they can hardly go wrong. The only question left is how long they can afford to wait.