Three Senior Patent Attorneys Establish a New Firm:

“Intend to be a Significant Player in the Israeli IP Scene”

From the launch event of the firm (photo credit: TAMAR MATSAFI)
From the launch event of the firm
(photo credit: TAMAR MATSAFI)
 From the launch event of the firm, In the photo: the founding partners, on the right, Patent Attorney Dr. Ilan Cohn, in the center, Patent Attorney Svetlana Stadler, and on the left, Patent Attorney David de Vries.

“We embark on a new road as a very experienced team, with combined professional experience that is second to none, and with complete confidence in our ability to professionally cater to all needs of intellectual property stakeholders” said Dr. Ilan Cohn, who was until recently the Chairman of the Reinhold Cohn Group and Head of the Group’s Life Sciences and Chemistry Practice. His Senior Partners are David de Vries, who served as the Head of Reinhold Cohn’s Technology, Mechanics and Design Practice of Reinhold Cohn; and Svetlana Stadler, previously the Head of the Physics Practice of the Group. The team of the new firm numbers 25 people and it already handles thousands of patents, designs and trademark files of about two hundred clients and a expects a considerable growth in the foreseeable future. The new firm’s intention intends to give utmost value in its clients’ intellectual property, side-by-side with a commitment to combine ethical business conduct with social awareness and responsibility. 

The intellectual property scene inn Israel Change is experiencing a profound change following the dramatic move of the senior partners of the Reinhold Cohn Group – Dr. Ilan Cohn, David de Vries and Svetlana Stadler – who decided to depart from the Group and establish a new form – Cohn, de Vries, Stadler & Co. The three senior partners of the new firm, together with a very experienced team of partners and other professionals that joined them, bring with them many decades of professional experience, technical knowledge and a business vision that culminate in their ability to provide a holistic intellectual property services to clients from all business, technology and science sectors, including start-up and mature companies, technology incubators, institutional investors, individual inventors and others. The firm, that from the start has a team of 25, already handles thousands of intellectual property files (including patents, designs and trademarks) of many clients. Cohn noted that "the large numbers of potential clients that already approached the firm since its launch and indicated their intention to work with the new firm, promises considerable growth in the number of clients, active files and also in the size of its team, in the foreseeable future".

Dr. Ilan Cohn, who has a Ph.D. in biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and until his departure from the Reinhold Cohn Group served as the Group’s Chairman and Head of its Life Sciences and Chemistry Practice and was responsible over a broad range of professional disciplines and busines activities of the Group. David de Vries, with a degree in mechanical engineering from the Ben-Gurion University in the Negev, headed the Technology, Mechanics and Design Practice of the Reinhold Cohn Group. Svetlana Stadler, a physicist with a Masters degree from the Kishinev University and a graduate from the Patent Teaching Program of the Invention and Innovation Authority in Moscow, was until her departure the Head of the Physics Practice of the Group. The three lead their fields in Israel and are ranked in the highest tiers in Global and Israeli ranking guides. Cohn, de Vries and Stadler, together with the senior staff of partners that moved with them to the new firm, have a combined knowledge and experience in a very wide range of intellectual property disciplines including in the fields of optics, electronics, hi-tech energy, mechanical engineering, agricultural and industrial equipment, automotive engineering, chemistry, biochemistry, biology, biotechnology, medicine, pharmaceutics, food technology, industrial designs and many other.

Dr. Ilan Cohn, the grandson of Reinhold Cohn, the founder of the firm that now bears his name, said: "we embark on a new way as a very experienced team, with combined professional experience that is second to none, able to professionally cater to all needs of intellectual property stakeholders. The combined expertise in the firm permits the team to handle inventions in every technology field, service clients in a wide variety of intellectual property disciplines, while personalizing the services to meet the strategic intent and maximize the intellectual assets of the client".

In the 21st Century intellectual property has become the key economic currency. About a third of the value added of a modern economy and about 80% (!) of the value of public companies is attributed to intellectual property, including patents, designs, trademarks, know-how, copyright and more. Professional services in the field of intellectual property are, therefore, directly related to business affairs, and as a result there is immense importance to the quality of professional services that the stakeholder receives. "The difference between and excellent service to one that is less so may, in many cases, mean the difference between success and failure", said David de Vries, bringing as an example a deal worth hundreds of millions in which he was recently involved, where patents handled by him were its critical element.

The huge business importance of intellectual property, which is expected to grow and expand over the coming decades, necessitates a strategic approach that considers the business interests, the busines model, the changing markets, competitors, etc., and crystalizes these into a well-crafted plan. Such strategic approach requires a combination of knowledge and experience in one place, and to walk hand-in-hand with the client in the very long and complex road. "The first-rate team that is available in the firm, permits to devise a custom-made strategy to those for whom intellectual property is critical to their business affairs", noted Svetlana Stadler. 

The three partners added that the firm will conduct its business in a manner that combines social awareness and responsibility, in compliance with their tradition of assistance to the public through provision of pro bono services, donations and aiding those in need. They noted that they intend to groom social and universal values such as sustainability and dissemination of knowledge. "We are convinced that the basic values, the professional ethics and the years of acquaintance between us promise a fruitful collaboration, cozy family-like atmosphere between us and the entire team and further growth and success", the firm's founders decaled.        


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