Trey Miles Fitzhugh Colley - The Young Entrepreneur Who Capitalized the Digital World

At just 21 Trey is giving a hard time to many established companies and that’s evident with the kind of growth his entity has shown

 (photo credit: TREY MILES)
(photo credit: TREY MILES)
Many youngsters have impressed us with their extraordinary entrepreneurial initiatives and many have created a strong foothold in their respective field of work. Trey is no less than any of them, having made a mark with his exceptional talent which seems to have swept the industry off its feet. He has proved that success is achievable at any age with his self belief and confidence. His social media agency ‘Quickjump’ is heading towards becoming a 7-figures company in a short time, and that’s indeed a huge achievement.

This young entrepreneur has won numerous awards and trophies for his exceptional contribution as an Instagram growth expert and influencer. His journey has not been a smooth one when he started off and he had to go through the usual grind that any aspiring entrepreneur goes through. “I had instilled great values and principles from my father, Mr. Marlon Colley. I have always experienced a divine connection with god, and just like Samson in the bible, I too refrained from chopping off my hair, as I truly believe that my hair gives me an unexplained belief and strength and gives me a sense of being blessed by god” says Trey.

His day begins at 6 a.m in the morning by reading the Bible and getting connected to the almighty. “I have the habit of writing down my experiences everyday and then meditate for 15 minutes. By 9 a.m I am done with all my important tasks for the day and then proceed to have my daily dose of a healthy breakfast and then it’s back to work”. He works for around 10 to 14 hours a day and whenever he takes a break in between, he watches some educational video or talks to his father over the phone. He also makes sure that 45 minutes in a day are dedicated to reading books

Trey always believed in making a positive impact on people through good deeds and has managed to do this successfully till date. He has helped many of his clients make millions by getting them a huge number of followers on Instagram, which has positively impacted the growth of their respective companies and businesses.

Trey’s story is indeed an inspiration for many youngsters, which says that if one has a positive mindset and eyes set on achieving their goals, nothing can stop them.