Utah’s Travis Bott Accelerates The Mainstream Market Adoption Of Cryptocurrency

 (photo credit: TRAVIS BOTT)
(photo credit: TRAVIS BOTT)

The cryptocurrency industry has witnessed a resurgence during the Covid-19 pandemic, as it has added great value to storage of assets, as well as a viable means of hedging against potential inflation. This is reflected by the skyrocketing price of Bitcoin, as well as other popular cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrency has become so popular that conventional brokerage platforms are now offering a direct way to purchase cryptocurrency for its predominant stock market investors. The blockchain technology that cryptocurrency is predicated upon has also been implemented into a wide range of financial services and industries. Artificial Intelligence, Smart contracts, and predictive analytics have all benefited from such technology.


One entrepreneur that has had a disproportionately larger impact on the acceleration of crypto-currency market adoption is Travis Bott. 

Travis Bott has had a tremendous influence on shaping the landscape of cryptocurrency, he has played a major role in the adoption of Bitcoin and other currencies with his incentive-based rewards program through his partnership with his company, Beyond Global and CoinZoom. The facilitated methods of transacting money, as well as the plethora of benefits to users through reward partners are unprecedented in this space.

Bott is a critical figure in Bitcoin adoption, catapulting cryptocurrency into the mainstream world by creating vast benefits and incentive programs for his users. His company has partnered with many rewards providers that add incredible value for its users. The collaboration between Bott’s company MLM venture and Lurra Life is a great example of how Bott’s innovative methods are leaving his footprint on the industry for many years to come.


Lurra Life’s My10k Life initiative requires people to walk over 10k steps a day, aiding them in their fitness and health, while giving users access to number of rewards when meeting such goals. Users can access rewards through the various reward partners in Lurra Life’s network. This drives more business transactions for Lurra Life, as well as companies that are part of Lurra Life’s rewards program.

Bott’s unique approach has made him a name to watch in the future development of the industry, he continues to be relentless in his commitment to make cryptocurrency more attractive to potential users. Bott is also streamlining the cumbersome financial process that comes with processing monetary transactions, as well as accessing money globally. 

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