What is UAB Kilo grupe? People behind the second fastest-growing company in Europe

  (photo credit: Kilo Health)
(photo credit: Kilo Health)

If you know two things about UAB Kilo Grupe, it’s probably that they a) work hard and b) play hard. There is truth to both statements. While the company is well known for its fast growth and a solid portfolio of 15+ digital health products, it’s also celebrated for its culture and strong community. 

Culture and community: how are these two elements connected?

Key principles of work at UAB Kilo Grupe 

Kilo Grupe is a true believer in bringing your authentic self to work. There is a place in it for everyone – from the outgoing go-getters to the silent strategists, from adventurous, outdoorsy types to the relaxed tinkerers. As long as you are sharp and ambitious, you are welcome at Kilo Health

That’s likely the reason why last year, more than 61,570 people wanted to join the company.  

Currently, UAB Kilo Grupe has more than 600 experts from more than 18 different nationalities working hard to develop digital health solutions for the future. 

After all, the company has set an ambitious goal for itself – to transform the healthcare industry with innovative digital solutions. 

Since 1 out of 6 people today has a chronic disease in the US alone and nearly 1 out of 5 lives with a mental health issue, it’s clear that the currently available healthcare solutions are not enough. Kilo Grupe seeks to transform chronic disease and mental healthcare with personalized wellness programs powered by behavioral science. 

Credit: Kilo HealthCredit: Kilo Health

Life at UAB Kilo Grupe

Kilo Health puts “life” in the “life-work balance.” From the very beginning, the company emphasized its people the most. 

Naturally, since Kilo Grupe offers personalized products and services, it also ensures everyone’s needs are met. Each person has their own different preferences, from how and when they want to work to how they prefer to de-stress or get ready for the day. 

For this purpose, the company employs a team of experienced managers that ensure that everyone on each team has exactly what they need to stay excited to start the day.

The company invites its employees to work from one of its five offices or from home. Each of their offices is individually outfitted with everything a person needs to be successful and creative. You can easily travel from the port city of Klaipeda to the headquarters in Vilnius and catch a plane to Berlin in one day.

Alternatively, you can choose to stay in one place and enjoy the benefits of an office created by truly listening to the team’s needs. You will find a painting class to train that creative muscle, catch up on a quick workout in the in-house gym, or get a quick power nap to restore energy. 

Credit: Kilo HealthCredit: Kilo Health

Learning philosophy

A huge part of the mindset behind every decision at Kilo is how the company encourages exploring the unknown. One of the key phrases about working in the company is: “Make plenty of mistakes but never the same mistake twice.” 

You cannot actually become a leader in the market if you don’t push the envelope. Sometimes the decision pays off; other times – it backfires. In both cases, there is something to be learned and shared among your team or the entire company. Every team seeks to experiment, question the status quo, and seek to find the best practice in every field.

It is impossible to work at UAB Kilo Grupe without learning something new every day. Everyone is expected to learn at a rapid pace, and the company provides ample opportunities to do so from both internal experts and other industry authorities.

From all the books or courses you might need to conferences or training programs, every team member must know the foundations and stay on top of the trends. 

Naturally, having interests and hobbies outside of work is a perfect way to challenge your mindset and explore how other industries solve similar problems. So, Kilo Grupe is full of mini-communities unified by similar interests – from movie buffs to board game enthusiasts, from mountaineers to gardeners.  

Finally, the best way to learn is to become a small fish in a big pond instead of the other way around. Kilo Grupe Kilo Health constantly encourages their people to expand their skills and venture into new areas of work – which is highly possible because the company group has more than 15 different brands, each of which shines a new light on how digital health works. 

One of the many learning initiatives the company provides is Kilo Academy, which assists people who want to enter the industry as developers (React.js, React Native, or PHP), Facebook and Google ad creators, or conversion rate optimization specialists in gaining both practical and theoretical knowledge.

The program has already got more than 8,000 applications and launched 8 different courses for beginners.

How could you join Kilo Grupe?

Kilo Grupe offers multiple opportunities for people who want to join:

  • Apply for the Kilo Ventures program if you already have an established startup and seek a partner that would fully support your vision.
  • Join the Co-found initiative if you are an entrepreneur who wants to develop a project in the digital health industry.
  • Become a part of one of the 15+ teams and level up your career in research, development, marketing, or B2B sales.

This article was written in cooperation with Kilo Health