Who is Lior Biton? Why is every entrepreneur talking about his success?

  (photo credit: Lior Biton)
(photo credit: Lior Biton)

Online store owners struggle to understand how and when to sell their merchandise online, especially if there aren't enough tools and methods.

Lior Biton wrote a blog article to help users create an online shop from scratch. It also offers advice on the type of risk analysis they should do before going live.

Who is Lior Biton?

Lior Biton, an online entrepreneur has made a lot of money through online shops. This guide will help you make money online.

There are many ways online stores can make you money. Lior Biton will share some of his most successful strategies.

He is an expert in Dropshipping and can help you start your online store. He will provide a detailed guide.

Why is every entrepreneur talking about Lior Biton Success?

Many online shops allow you to sell products and make money, but knowing the right way to earn millions of dollars is such a trick. 

All entrepreneurs consider Lior Biton their idol because of his successful career and strategic skills.

Success story and journey of Lior Biton: Explained by him 

He said: I have been in the dropshipping and sales field for a long time. At the age of 15, the field attracted me. While others my age dealt with basic teenage tasks, I would sit down at the computer to study and start checking on various areas.

My e-commerce journey began when I was just a teenager

I was able to sell money and other benefits in certain games. I was 15 years old, and I made a lot of money. I also had connections with Israeli owners of large Instagram pages. I had two very large Instagram pages with over 140,000 followers each and another with over 90,000. Followers)

At 17 years old, I already had two pillars among the countries biggest. I wanted to make as much profit as possible from them. I began to look for other ways to make money from them. I was already in the spinner era and opened my first dropshipping shop at 17-18 years old!

It was the winning product at that moment!

After the spinner era ended, I opened up and learned more. I sold advertising space for Google through my website and was rewarded with clicks. 

I also earned regular salaries. I was so overwhelmed by the training I received when I joined the army it took me over five months to manage everything. I brought a young boy to help me manage the site and ensure that everything is still working on an ongoing basis. 

My businesses and marketing campaigns to large companies in Israel would make me 'passive.' I was also able to earn passive income from the army. Tnuva (Milky), Fanta, and other famous personalities in Israel started their journey through my company.

Preparing for my army discharge, I sold all my Instagram pages to high-tech professionals. This auction was a mini exit. I sold the pages at a very profitable and affordable price.

My perfect connection to dropshipping was the reason I sold my Instagram pages!

After I sold, I began working in stores. I then started selling on eBay. I sold everything from vans to air pumps in the US. I did not like that eBay took money for every item. I have limited uploading capabilities, limited sales, and limited money.

I learned how to open an independent shop. There is no restriction on the amount of money I can take into my store.

WordPress was what I needed! The perfect system is free, and all my stores were online within minutes. I have shops in every industry, I have marketed thousands through Facebook-sponsored marketing, and I can provide proof of my hard work.

It all began to work perfectly for me from that point

It will be obvious to you: we must collect the money from the floor! It's easy (floor = customers).

After a lot of experience and knowledge over the years, I can provide you with the best information you can find! All the knowledge I have accumulated over the years can help me give you the fastest path to success! You can get a complete guide from him personally for that visit his website now!

How do you start an online store?

An online store is an excellent way of making money. You can make a decent income from your online business with the right strategies. This guide will help you understand the basics of starting a business.

First, choose a niche. Once you've identified a niche, you can start looking for products that match that market.

After you have selected the products, create your online store. Create an online storefront, which is a site that customers can access. Add images and descriptions to your products. Also, you will need to set up payment processing and create an eCommerce platform such as WordPress.

After your store is operational, it's time for you to market your business. It's time to set up social media profiles and build an email list.

Forums and other discussion boards are other places you can promote your store. Advertise through pay-per-click ads or paid search campaigns.

Although there is no single way to start an online shop, these steps can help you get started. You can make money with a little effort.

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Lior Biton's guide to making money online is a great resource if you are looking for ways to make extra money with your online shop or to grow your business.

You can quickly see the desired results with a few tweaks and adjustments. You can also check out Lior's course on how to create an eCommerce store that succeeds.

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