Why choose a part-time master in marketing and sales

Why choose a part-time Master in marketing and sales

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(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
All businesses need marketing and sales. And in this age of the internet, never has it been more important to be able to reach a wider customer base and create successful marketing strategies to bring in and keep new clients.

To help those already working in the industry, or heading that way, is the Executive Master in Marketing and Sales. The master, in partnership with Esade Business School, teaches students all the necessary skills to be successful and grow a business, keeping potential clients engaged.

What does the Master can offer?

The EMMS Executive Master in Marketing and Sales is the perfect option for people already in the industry, to broaden their knowledge within the marketing industry. Better yet, there's no need to leave a job in order to participate.

This specialized Marketing Master program combines a number of different teaching methods in order to enable students to reach major goals. With this all-round program, the Master combines both static learning and direct practice to create a cohesive whole.

Part-time learning

A major standout aspect of this Master is the fact that it's available and delivered as a part-time option. This means that anyone already in the industry can actually continue working without disruption to their schedules while still learning.

For those who have yet to begin working in the professional environment, the part-time setup enables students to get jobs, spend more time learning and even begin to directly apply what they have learned into their workplace and practice.

Time off from work

With this part-time setup, it's also possible for some students to take time off from their workplace in order to gain essential skills. These skills can then be applied directly back into their workplace, instantly demonstrating the program's efficacy.

Is part-time good for you?

The EMMS offers students the ability to strengthen their knowledge in sales in an international setting. The Master is also taught in English and it also helps potential students to develop networking skills and opportunities on a global scale.

For forward-thinking participants, this is the perfect Master to create further challenges driving learning in a more hands-on way, allowing students to instantly apply what they have learnt into real situations, or even in their own businesses and workplaces.

Face to face modules

Part of the content for this course is delivered face to face. These take place in three separate cities, Barcelona, Madrid and Milan, so that students can access the school that is more convenient for them when having to attend.

The classes cover just seven weeks and take place across two months. These modules are intense, offering up a very full timetable and managed and taught by eminent professors in the field. These stand students in good stead for when they start self-learning.

Learning from home

The distance learning modules are equally strenuous but have been designed specifically to ensure that students can easily understand all the material that is presented. These are simply a continuation of the face to face modules, which is why these first modules are important.

These distance learning modules last six weeks each and provide students with the opportunity to mix their learning with their actual work. By offering up the course in this way, professionals can instantly put into practice what they learn in class.

Why study at SDA Bocconi?

In this swiftly moving technological age, it is imperative that those in the marketing and sales world are able to keep up with the needs of businesses and their customers. SDA Bocconi meets these needs and more through its leading business school.

By joining the Master program at SDA Bocconi, students are committing to learning and developing their skills in order to succeed in their careers. By not taking time out to study, this course provides the perfect way to keep driving forward.