"Why should you buy Moissanite engagement rings for her?"

  (photo credit: Best Brilliance)
(photo credit: Best Brilliance)

Selecting an engagement ring is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make together as you begin your new life as a couple. Of course, you want to get it right. Today’s wide range of options have made it more difficult to choose what’s best for them, some couples say.

So Many Things to Consider When Buying an Engagement Ring!

The engagement ring is one of the most sentimental and precious purchases you’ll ever make. Your bridal jewelry represents the love and commitment you two share in starting a new life together. So when it comes time to buy that important piece of jewelry many couples feel overwhelmed by the choices.

But it needn’t be a problem. When it’s time to go shopping for your engagement ring obviously you have many considerations to go over. The setting and metal (and metal color) is only the beginning. You also want to focus on your main gemstone. And since many couples look to diamonds, you’d think that part will be easy enough to decide. 

Let’s Look at Moissanite

Still, if you’ve only started your engagement ring search, it won’t be long before you discover that there are actually some more exciting diamond alternatives that you should consider as well. Take Moissanite for example. Moissanite is a colorless luxury gemstone that many brides prefer for their bridal jewelry today. It’s an exciting alternative to natural diamonds and is a sumptuous choice for a gorgeous engagement ring and other bridal jewelry.

  (credit: Best Brilliance) (credit: Best Brilliance)

Let’s take a look at this dazzling gemstone. The name Moissanite pays homage to a French chemist, Henri Moissan who accidently discovered small samples of this material while inspecting a crater in Arizona in 1893. Initially Moissan believed that he had discovered minute diamond crystals. But a later examination determined these sparkling bits to be another natural material altogether. So, yes, this magnificent stone was born of the stars in a meteor that collided with earth millions of years ago. How exciting! 

The mineral is indeed natural but does not occur in crystals large enough for use in jewelry. The brilliant scientist then went about the business of creating this same mineral in the lab. After his success, the spectacular Moissanite began to circulate among gemstone connoisseurs who collected this stunning mineral as a rare addition to their collection.

Moissanite’s Popularity is Soaring

Today, its popularity is soaring as couples understand this elite gemstone much better and choose it as a smart modern engagement ring option. While it is a colorless transparent stone, it would not be fair to call it merely a “substitute” for diamond. It’s an elegant alternative to diamond of course, but gemstone experts consider Moissanite to be a stand alone luxury stone with a large following and one that is coveted for its own fascinating traits and benefits.

Compare Moissanite to Diamond. You’ll be Surprised!

We can compare Moissanite to diamond of course, so then you’ll have a clearer idea of why it’s become such a runaway star in the bridal jewelry sector.

Moissanite has more fire (another name for dispersion) than diamonds. It also excels in the brilliance department ranking superior to diamonds on a Refractive Index. Simply put, the greater brilliance seen in Moissanite means that it handles light much better—causing it to out sparkle any natural diamond. Due to these excellent traits, Moissanite is graded superior to diamond when it comes to luster too. All these traits combined, from fire to brilliance to luster make for a much more sparkling stone than a diamond. Placed side by side a Moissanite will appear more scintillating and fiery than a diamond. And isn’t that what we all want in a gemstone?

Now that consumers understand there’s another luxury colorless gemstone option than just diamonds, they are often selecting a beautiful Moissanite engagement ring to treasure for a lifetime.

Credit -  Best BrillianceCredit - Best Brilliance

Key Benefits of Moissanite

Durability is paramount when it comes to choosing an engagement ring. This is the one piece of jewelry which you can expect to wear daily for decades to come. So it has to look as lovely years from now as it did the first time you put it on your finger. Diamonds boast a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale which is a valid sales point. But did you know that Moissanite is about as hard as diamond? Yes, it ranks 9.25 on the Mohs scale which is essentially equal to the hardness of diamond. You’re assured of a lifetime of gorgeous enjoyment with your Moissanite stone. 

We often hear references to color when shopping for diamonds—and by color we actually mean a lack of body color—as close to completely colorless as possible. But with advancements in technology today, your Moissanite stone is a glamorous ‘colorless’ jewel. It will not lose its fantastic sparkle or icy white color over time. Like your love—Moissanite is an eternally spectacular stone.

What about price? We can’t exclude that from our short list of traits that make Moissanite the modern choice for engagement rings. No matter what size and shape of Moissanite you select for your ring, you’re going to be delighted with its much lower price compared to the same thing in a natural diamond. Yet you lack none of the class and beauty of an earth mined diamond.

Eco-Conscious Shoppers Choose Moissanite 

Now there’s another consideration that we feel is vital—and I’m sure you do too. Aren’t we all concerned about the ecological impact our purchases make these days? We are committed to doing our part to mitigate harm to our planet and be a thoughtful consumer in all of our purchases. That’s why we look into everything we buy before hand so we can be proud of our decisions. 

Because your Moissanite engagement ring is eco-friendly, it should take top billing in your decision making process. You see, Moissanite was created safely in a laboratory—even though the resulting product looks like the finest natural diamond you ever saw. There was no mining done to create this stone. There is no destruction to land mass, and none of the concerns over best business practices when it comes to insuring fair treatment of miners. We care—and we know you do too.  

So Moissanite offers an ethically responsible option and one with minimal impact on our precious earth. All Moissanite gemstones are a environmentally friendly option that you can feel good about. Our Leverage Benefits Shoppers

Since Best Brilliance has been in business for decades, we’ve have partnered with sources worldwide to offer shoppers only the finest gemstones at prices that can’t be beat. You deserve this kind of service from the leader in selling Moissanite.  Best Brilliance gives you confidence in all your important purchases.

Credit -  Best BrillianceCredit - Best Brilliance

Is All Moissanite the Same?

Something to note; Not all Moissanite is created equal. As you can imagine, with any manufactured product there are degrees of fine quality and beauty. So when you decide to get a Moissanite engagement ring, head to the top manufacturer - retailer with a proven track record.

Best Brilliance is a globally celebrated engagement ring manufacturer, having operated for decades with thousands of satisfied customers. This high status comes first of all from delivering top-tier products paired to excellent customer service. You may want help prior to your purchase, and guidance during the selection process itself. After purchasing, you may need to communicate with the customer care experts. Best Brilliance delivers all of that and more. So our customers tell us the entire selection process was delightful—just the way it should be. 

Select—Don’t Settle

When shopping for your Moissanite engagement ring, you want a large selection of settings, and the widest variety of Moissanite gemstone shapes and carat sizes. That way, you can personalize your ring exactly as you want it to look. Trust Best Brilliance to offer you the widest range of styles and metal choices for your ring. All the most popular gemstone shapes are available to you in Moissanite stones. 

Best Brilliance wants to hear what’s important to you— like what metal type fits your jewelry wardrobe and your personal preference. Also our experts are ready to guide you through selecting the Moissanite stone shape that will look best in your setting and on your hand. They’ll take all the time you need to get it right to your satisfaction.  

Start Your Moissanite Engagement Ring Journey Now

Your love story is unique—so why shouldn’t your Moissanite engagement ring also be an expression of this too?

We know you may have more questions. And we’re here to help you with anything you need to know to make the best decision for purchasing your engagement ring. Contact Best Brilliance now and discover what personalized VIP customer care really means. You’ll be glad you did, and we’ll take pride in playing a role in providing you with a Moissanite engagement ring to cherish for the rest of your life. 

This article was written in cooperation with Best Brilliance