Why the average independent locksmith is slowly becoming obsolete?

 (photo credit: DOOR N KEY LOCKSMITH)
(photo credit: DOOR N KEY LOCKSMITH)

Locksmiths have been essential since the concept of a lock and key first came about. While there is no denying that a locksmith’s services are essential even today, there is debate as to how these services are provided to the consumer, especially in today’s fast-paced world. The average household in the United States of America has both parents working full-time, with some even having to juggle multiple jobs. As such, fast and convenient delivery of services is almost becoming a necessity if the average consumer is to be kept satisfied.

Moreover, from the perspective of running a locksmith service, you need to keep the needs of your local community in mind. If you can’t meet those needs, then you are compromising your own earning potential. For example, the needs of a city like West Palm Beach, with its businesses, busy lifestyle, and abundance of bars, clubs, restaurants, and theatres, would have very different requirements from French Lick, Indiana.

Considering all of the above, you are bound to find car locksmith services providers on both ends of the spectrum and everywhere in between. From the solitary car locksmiths acting as an independent contractor to the full-fledged locksmith services company offering every single security solution under one roof such as replacement car keys, ignition change, key fob & car door unlock. While the basic function might be the same, there’s a great deal of difference between the two car locksmiths when it comes to the range of replacement car keys services they offer, the quality of those services, and their level of reliability. When all is said and done, one can understand why more and more people are preferring to use a locksmith services company for their lock-and-key needs

Wide Range of Services

First, let’s talk about the range of services. Your regular independent locksmith will offer you the basic lock-and-key solutions, which include door lock installation, key extraction, key duplication, replacement car keys, ignition change, key fob, car door unlock, etc. If you’re lucky, and the locksmith is somewhat tech-savvy, then you can also get help from them in installing a security system in your house. However, more often than not, that is the extent to which an independent locksmith would be able to help you. You’ll have to work on a schedule that works for both of you and emergency locksmith services are very rare with independent contractors.

In contrast, locksmith services companies are able to offer everything that independent contractors would, but with a great deal more convenience for you as a consumer. These locksmith companies employ a small army of locksmiths and they’re able to work on a much more flexible schedule, especially one that would suit the customer. If you use a large-scale locksmith services company like Door N Key Locksmith, then you’ll even have locksmith services available around the clock. This is the level of service that would be required in a busy metropolis like West Palm Beach. Students and concert-goers find themselves locked out in such a city all the time and they require a locksmith West Palm Beach, FL expert at odd times of the night to perform such services as a key fob, ignition change, car locksmith, locksmith car keys, replacement car keys, chip key replacement, remote car key, car lockout service and other locksmith residential services to name a few.

Locksmith services – Evolve or Go Bust!

Locksmith services companies, unlike their independent counterparts, have also managed to evolve with the times and, in the interest of growing their business, have widely expanded their scope of services. In addition to your basic lock-and-key solutions for homes and apartments, they now offer similar solutions for businesses and vehicles as well, under the same roof. You’re also going to find installation services for both traditional and modern security measures. Whether you want to install something basic like window gates and security fences or a state-of-the-art digital home security system with CCTV coverage and keyless entry, a reputable locksmith services company would be able to handle it with little to no worry.

Security consultation is also slowly becoming a part of the scope of services for such companies. Many locksmith companies would offer to carry out what they call a “Security Audit”. This is where a team of consultants is sent to your premises, whether it’s a home or office, and all the security risks are assessed. Once the assessment is complete, you are offered a tailor-made solution whereby different security measures would be installed to ensure the utmost security for your home or office. This is a great service for businesses like banks and jewelers, made even more convenient when the actual implementation of the security measures is also carried out by the same team. And of course they can still manage some simple tasks such as car door unlock!

photo credit: (Door N Key Locksmith)photo credit: (Door N Key Locksmith)

Compliance with Local Laws - Trusted West Palm Beach Locksmith

Finally, there are reliability and accountability factors. A locksmith services company is a registered entity and would be subject to certain laws and standards of business if they are to be in compliance with the law. If there are any shortcomings, you as the consumer would have more rights under the law for remedy and compensation. This ensures that locksmith services companies are always on point when it comes to the provision of services and that they do not act in a manner that is detrimental to the consumer (for example, leaking customer information for nefarious means). These are running businesses that are registered with regulators and subject to strict actions if they breach any laws. As such, they have a lot more to lose. So, it’s only natural that they would work harder to protect what they’ve built.

With independent contractors, it gets a little trickier. We’ve all heard of stories where locksmiths were complicit in home invasions and robberies. There have also been many incidents where households have spent a small fortune getting the locks changed in their new home, only for them to not work properly afterward and the locksmith is nowhere to be found. While this may not be true for all locksmiths, one can’t deny that there have been too many incidents for one to always question the reliability of a locksmith before hiring them for a job at one’s home.

Locksmith Service Companies – A Race to The Finish Line | You the Customer!

As you can see from the above, locksmith services companies are by far the leader in this race and independent locksmiths are obviously unable to compete. None of the above should be construed as saying that independent contractors are not competent or that they do not want to be available whenever their customer asks. It is simply the fact that an independent locksmith, as a solitary person, is just physically unable to offer what a locksmith services company can. One person cannot be expected to be a master of lock-and-key solutions, security systems, and security audits, and to offer their services around the clock, at a time of the customer’s choosing without question or objection. That is too much to ask of one human being.

However, whatever the reasons may be and what one feels about the independent locksmith, capitalism will always favor the survival of the fittest. West Palm Beach locksmith companies, with the level of services they offer, the convenience that comes with it, and their inherent reliability as a registered entity, is clearly the fittest when it comes to this competition. As time passes, independent West Palm Beach locksmiths will become obsolete or, at the very best, will only be found in towns that have a slower pace of life and more concise needs. As far as large cities and metropolises are concerned, locksmith companies will slowly but surely dominate the market and almost all independent locksmiths will be found eventually employed by one of these companies.