Games We Play: Flag Football

Big Blue stays perfect in AFI.

flag football 298.88 (photo credit: AFI)
flag football 298.88
(photo credit: AFI)
Please submit items for 'Games We Play' via e-mail to Defending champion Big Blue and Wizard World/Phones4Less both finished the first round of American Football in Israel's 2006/07 men's contact league undefeated after recording week 8 victories at Kraft Family Stadium in Jerusalem over the weekend. Big Blue beat Lobos 25-15 on Saturday night, while Wizard World/Phones4Less routed Shloimy's Kosher World Lakewood 48-6 on Friday. Big Blue, which defeated Tov Pizza in last year's Holyland Bowl and then revamped its lineup in the offseason, has not lost a game in the men's league since week 5 of the 2005/06 season. The Green Mile/IDT Global, the BL&L Ligers, Big Butch and Bonkers Bagels all have a chance to finish the first round with perfect records, as they are 5-0 entering their week 9 games. Following the first round, the top 32 teams in the 57-team league this season, will be placed in eight groups for the roundrobin second round. A total of 28 AFI games - a league record - were played over the weekend, at three different fields in Jerusalem. American Football in Israel announced this week that Adam Slater has officially been named AFI Administrator. Other results from week 8 of the AFI men's contact season: UGG Australia 39, Cafe Rimon 28; Burgers Bar 31, Roseland Property 25; Bonkers Bagels 6, Amigo US 0; Park Family Patriots 53, Mishaan Plumbers/Pizza Sababa 6; Big Butch 20, METV 14; SPO Medical 40, 5T Jewish Times/Elgo 18; Moshiko 49, J Media Group 21; 7, Ziontours 7; Pharmor Drugs 33, Premier Gem 6; Team Magen Av 39, Excalibur 12; Ohr David 52, Hadassah Lions 6; Weatherproof PTHC 25, Camp Merockdim 8; Derech Etz Chaim 36, Shvilei Capitals 20; Kesher 33, Travaglini 9; Pizzeria Efrat 69, Jump Gym 6; Klein Management 25, Pallorium 13; Netiv Inmates 13, Tov Pizza 12; 19, Pharmor Drugs 6; Karelitz 49, Canaan Studio/Sasquatch 0; Joe's Eagles 21, Croton Watches 19; Jerry's Kids 26, SPO Medical 19; Cobras 12, Vringo 7; Holy Bagel 31, JM in the AM 13; Chrainzilla 38, 5T Jewish Times/Elgo 20; Norman's 24, The Jerusalem Foundation 6; Luck Commercial Kitchens 33, Tivuch Shelly 27. Dr. Ari Greenspans blank Paige's Lakers In their first victory of the season, the Dr. Ari Greenspans shut out Paige's Lakers 14-0 in week 6 of the Women's American Football in Israel league at Kraft Family Stadium on Wednesday, December 6. Quarterback Naama Harrow was able to connect with Jaqlyn Vaknen twice to score the two touchdowns of the game. Aviva Hershman and Devorah Moskowitz both scored extra points. Rusher Elyana Segal kept the pressure on PL's quarterback, while Meira Jacobowitz and Esther Gewirtz anchored the defense. Trumanettes 37, Eden's Eagles 0 The Trumanettes' Elissa Sagoskin scored two touchdowns, and sister Jessie Sagoskin scored one TD, which she ran in from the Trumanettes' own 10-yard line. Adina "Brick" Brickman also ran in a TD, as well as returning an interception back for six points. Also in week 6 of the WAFI, it was: The Arnona Bombers 60, Hadassah Lions 14; Big Blue 36, Klein Management 12; Nativ 20, Ziontours 0. Jewish Press all alone at the top The Jewish Press showed why it is the only undefeated team in the Yosef Goodman High School American Football in Israel league by cruising to a 47-19 victory over the Amish Slinkheads in week 7 at Kraft Family Stadium on December 5. Tankers 18, Hunki's Pizza 13 In their first victory of the season, the Tankers showed that they have not given up hope just yet and still have a lot of fight left in them.