Games we play - flag football: Jaffe Strategies wins second straight high school championship

Team defeats Misha'an Plumbers 25-16 at Kraft Stadium, Jerusalem.

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Jaffe strategies defeated Misha'an Plumbers 25-16 in the championship game of the Yosef Goodman High School American Football in Israel spring league on June 19 at Kraft Family Stadium in Jerusalem. Jaffe Strategies also won the 2006-07 fall-winter title. Jaffe Strategies dominated the game defensively with three interceptions: two by Ezra Hausdorff which were returned for touchdowns, and one by Aron Berger. Justin Hess and Asaf Jaffe combined for five sacks: three by Justin and two by Asaf. Safety Rafi Jaffe deflected every long pass and had clutch flag-pulls. On offense, quarterback Gavi Teitz threw two touchdown passes: one to Aron Wasser and one to Justin Hess.