Games we play - Golf: Reichenberg and Eshed win BIS tournament

Hanoch Reichenberg and Hanan Eshed won the annual Beit Issue Shapiro golf tournament at Caesarea Golf Club on Thursday. Leslie Ben Amir and Eddie Hoffman came in second place, followed by Zvi Vilner and Boaz Lev. Each of the 120 contestants donated NIS 365, i.e. one life-saving shekel per day, in return for participating in the tournament. In addition, some of the golfers "purchased" holes and fairways for $1,000 each. Beit Issue Shapiro provides educational and therapeutic services to thousands of children with severe disabilities and supportive services to their families. The facility is supported by donations, and the annual golf tournament is considered one of the organization's primary and special fund-raising events. The event began with a rich brunch attended by actor Michal Yanai, who tried her hand at golf, and ended with a cocktail, auction, trophy-awarding ceremony, and prize raffle. The competition included a "hole in one" contest - with the prize being a new Volvo jeep. In addition, pink Mulligan balls were offered for NIS 50 as well as an opening shot by young champions Laticia Beck and Roy Steinberg.