Games We Play: Sabres have first win,; Israeli golfers play in Turkey

Sabres 28-21 victory is Haifa Underdogs' first loss; Caesarea Golf Club reports of 'different' experience in Antalya.

golf team 88 (photo credit: )
golf team 88
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Football History was made in the IFL with the Tel Aviv Sabres having their first ever win. The 28-21 victory came at the expense of the Haifa Underdogs, which ironically was their first ever loss. After a scoreless first quarter, the Sabres scored two touchdowns only for the Underdogs to respond shortly after with one of their own. This left the scores level 14-14 at the half. The third quarter was also scoreless. After the Sabres scored to go ahead 21-14, Sabres quarterback Adi Hakami took the ball from his own 2 yard line and burst clear to make it 28-14. Haifa reduced the gap with a touchdown of their own and had the chance to take the game to overtime but with 22 seconds left, Haifa quarterback Tal Avivi was intercepted to seal the memorable win for the Sabres. Golf More than 50 members of the Caesarea Golf Club participated in two days of competitions at the Antalya Golf in Turkey Clublast weekend. The participants reported a "different" golf experience and a warm welcome from their Turkish hosts. Six children, outstanding students of the club's Golf Academy, joined the trip. Laticia Beck (76) won second place in the children's singles match and Asaf Cohen (76) won first place. Children's couples match: First place - Laticia Beck and Shay Ben David (90), Second place - Asaf Cohen and Peleg Gefen (87), Third place - Dor Hacham and Yair Friedrich (84). Adults couples match: Division B First place - Paulette Ben Haim - 69, Second place - Yafa Samuels - 64, Third place - Nathan Vatin - 64 Please submit items for 'Games We Play' via e-mail to