German octopus predictions turn out to be right on money

Paul the Octopus has predicted correctly the outcome of all six German world cup matches, including Germany’s loss on Wednesday to Spain.

World Cup Octopus 311 (photo credit: Mark Keppler/AP)
World Cup Octopus 311
(photo credit: Mark Keppler/AP)
BERLIN – “Regrettably, regrettably, regrettably it is true!”, commented the Sea Life public aquarium on its Web site about its most famous resident, Paul the Octopus, who predicted correctly the outcome of all six German world cup matches, including Germany’s loss on Wednesday to Spain.
Paul, who is lodged at the sea aquarium in Oberhausen, a town in the industrial Ruhr Area of Western Germany, is a four-year-old sea creature and native of Weymouth, England. His track record of predicting every German loss and victory in the South African world soccer cup has catapulted Paul’s savvy predictive ability into international fame.
This year Paul exceeded his 2008 predictions during the European soccer tournament. During the 2008 matches, Paul correctly chose four from six of the German outcomes. While Paul falsely favored Germany over Spain in 2008, he reversed himself during the world cup and opted for Spain in 2010. His stealthy predictive powers prompted a death threat from Argentina’s star chef Nicolas Bedorrou, who would like to cook Paul after the honest aquatic sports “bookie” called for an Argentinian defeat against Germany last week.
WMTV television reported that “there are no tricks” and Paul simply chooses between two glass boxes, each of which contain mussel food and a flag of the competing teams on the glass. Sebastian Krüger, from the Sea aquarium, told the news station WMTV, that “Paul’s oracle is reliable.” Paul was wavering between the boxes marked with the Spanish and German flags,, eventually prying open the Spanish box, which confirmed his psychic energy, once again, as Spain defeated Germany 1-0.
Paul’s prediction appears to have rained on Israel’s enthusiasm for the German Team.
“Israel cheers for Germany” was the mass circulation Bild headline on Monday. According to Germany’s largest daily paper, “It is a wonderful fanfriendship – 65 years after the darkest chapter of German history.”
The Bild showed a picture of Evyatar Vorovitchik (23) and Tal Abulafia (24) on a Tel Aviv beach holding a photo of the German flag, and expressing their hope and belief in Germany’s chances.
Israel’s Ambassador to Germany, Yoram Ben-Zeev, however, could not, compete with Paul. Ben-Zeev told the newspaper that Germany has the best team and is a sure candidate to win the World Cup.
On Thursday, the Oberhausen Sea Life Aquarium confirmed that Prescient Paul is branching out and will weigh in on the final between Spain and the Netherlands.
Paul will cast his suction-cupped arms wider in his next prognostication and for the first time pick a game in which his home country is not involved.
Aquarium spokeswoman Tanja Munzig says the floppy fan will make his choice on the Germany- Uruguay match Friday morning, then pick the winner of Sunday’s final in Johannesburg.
While he had been Germany’s media darling through most of the World Cup, most Germans now envision him fried in garlic butter.