Hoops: Ferocious Lev Dawgs take title

In a tremendous display of basketball prowess that put any critics' doubts to rest, the Lev Dawgs were crowned champions of the Red and Dr. Murray's Israel Basketball League last Saturday night with a 74-53 victory over Chabad Heights. Fans stormed the court as league commissioners Yair Smith and Dovi Rabinowitz presented the 2009 championship trophy to 'Dawgs captain Daniel Frohlich. Frohlich will also have his name permanently inscribed on the "Red Auerbach Trophy" displayed at Kraft Family Stadium. The Lev Dawgs kept Chabad Heights off balance from start to finish, building an early 10point lead, then stunning their opponents with a combination of backdoor passes and threepointers by Rabbi/sharpshooter Avi Schneider just before halftime. The second half was no different, as the Lev Dawgs extended their lead to an astounding 35 points, fueled by Tzvi Goder (22 points), Daniel Frohlich (13), Jeremy Seigel (14) and David Gratz (9), with innumerable assists by Jon Mordler and Yitz Levinson. With the clock winding down, the Heights finally put together an impressive run of threes and high-flying dunks to bring a measure of respectability to the 74-53 final. "We knew we had a shot at the title, as long as we followed out game plan," said Tzvi Goder, who was named MVP amid being mobbed by fans. "This really belongs to the whole team. It was a team effort, based on unselfishly making the extra pass throughout the game - and it sure paid off!"