Local Sports Awards: Cerebral palsy athletes honored

Max and Helena Sebba Sports Awards for the Disabled given this week.

disabled athlete 298 (photo credit: )
disabled athlete 298
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Four-time Paralympic gold medal winner Itzik Mamistalov was one of a number of athletes who suffer from cerebral palsy honored at The Max and Helena Sebba Sports Awards for the Disabled held at the Ilan Israeli Sports Center for the Disabled this week. Swimmer Mamistalov was joined by Ilan's former wheelchair-basketball captain Ohad Ifrakh and former wheelchair racer Shimi Zhayek, who also received medals at Monday's event. The evening included a special tribute in memory of Arthur & Sharona Broza who sponsored a pioneering program to take care of seriously disabled cerebral palsy-sufferers that was launched in 1964. This year's edition of the annual event was held under the auspices of Ramat Gan Mayor, Mr. Zvi Bar. Among those in attendance were Minister of Welfare & Social Services Isaac Herzog and Japanese Ambassador Haruhisa. Medals in honor of the Sebba and Broza families were presented to CP sports heroes who have reached high levels of achievement in international sports competitions, as well as to outstanding CP athletes and volunteers who spend many hours working with the CP victims with great dedication and love. A large contribution to the warm atmosphere of the event was made by singer and composer David Broza who gave a special performance.