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Click here to send your good luck wishes and / or congratulate the participants. The best comments will be featured right here! USA Women's Soccer-Carolyn Cohen Dear Carolyn, We are so proud that you have chosen to show your love of Judaism by representing your country in Israel. We love hearing about all of the fabulous sites you are seeing and the fabulous people you are meeting! Please savor every minute of this amazing honor! Saw someone at the grocery store and she told me to tell you that "All of Houston is proud of you!" Love, Daniel and Joan Cohen Zoe Kreitenberg Team USA Junior Volleyball Zo, We're so proud of you and your teammates. Your Zeide, a camp survivor, missed this by his untimely passing just a few months ago. Have no doubt that he'll be there courtside proudly cheering you on for the gold medal match. Arthur Kreitenberg - USA Canadian men's basketball Attn: Eylon Zemer Hi Eylon: A big shout out to you and all your team mates at this year's games. We are all very proud of you. If you get in a tough spot and you are not sure what to do, just think back to your old coach "Ted". The inspiration will come to you. David and Adam Marx - Canada Maccabiah: Ian Cameron of Canada Ian, your grandfather Walter Reiter was in Israel in 1948 as a member of the Palmach. He would be so overwhelmed to see this wonderful peacetime celebration and would have been there with you. lauren cameron - canada Good Luck- To Dan Chomstein-Mexico Dear Dan, We are very proud of you competing in this Jewish Maccabiah and playing Basketball with all your hearth representing the Jewish Youth of Mexico. Keep going and enjoy any minute in our great Country Israel. Licha & Eddy (Miami) brad weiss half marathan Good luck Brad and enjoy your stay in Israel. I am glad you got the opportunity of a lifetime, the Maccabee games in Israel. Shalom. Jerry Go CA - Corey Angel - Pride of Tarzana! Good luck Corey - What a great experience .... Mazel Tov for making the team...and don't forget, its a once in a lifetime experience that very few people ever get to accomplish!!! Wow! Matthew Resnik and Family Aaron Poliak and David Holiner-USA Tennis Everyone is pulling for you. Do your family, Greenhill, Dallas and the US of A proud in the Games. Enjoy the journey to the great State of Israel, make new world wide friends, learn about the nation and all it has to offer and win those matches. Larry E. Golman SA Cricket Team Wayne - good luck. Remember ,I am English and all my brothers in law are uncles of yours. Please have mercy! Michael - israel Good Luck Simon Mermelstein We know you are playing soccer for the USA Maccabiah team but everyone in Costa Rica wishes you all the best and you had better score at least one goal with your head. Harvey - Costa Rica