Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu is the current prime minister of Israel and leader of the Likud party. Born in Tel Aviv on October 21, 1949, he grew up in Jerusalem before moving with his family to Pennsylvania during his high school years, where his father taught history. In 1967 Netanyahu returned to Israel and joined the IDF's Sayeret Matkal special forces unit, where he served until 1973. He took part in many military operations, including a 1972 rescue mission of hostages in a hijacked Sabena airplane, during which he was shot in the shoulder. Netanyahu finished his military service in 1972, but returned to serve in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, after which he was promoted to the rank of Captain. He has degrees in architecture and business management from MIT. He also studied political science at MIT and Harvard University. He served as Israel's ambassador to the UN from 1984-1988, and as Minister of Foreign Affairs under Ariel Sharon's government. In 1993 Netanyahu was elected Likud party chairman and served as the leader of the opposition until being elected prime minister in 1996. In 2009, he was elected prime minister for the second time, in January 2013 a third, and in March 2015 a fourth. He most recently formed the country's 34th government, establishing a coalition with the Jewish Home, United Torah Judiasm, Kulanu, and Shas parties. He is married to Sara Netanyahu with whom he has two children, Yair and Avner. Netanyahu strongly opposes a nuclear deal with Iran.
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Israel's 'change coalition' is slow to live up to its name - analysis

Change means change, not using the exact same methods that one vehemently opposed and viewed as invalid and even anti-democratic while in the opposition.


PLO official to 'Post': Palestinians dissatisfied with Bennett gov't

Palestinians ready to resume peace talks ‘under any circumstances’

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett holds a news conference in Jerusalem on July 14.

Israeli government must prioritize PR

The first thing Israel needs to do is to acknowledge the problem and admit the image has been handled poorly. Then it needs to raise public relations importance.

Most Israelis distrust government over COVID cabinet secrets - study

The study found that 60% of Israelis had difficulty trusting the former government because it decided that the protocols of its covid cabinet would be classified for 30 years.

High Court of Justice prepares for hearing on whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu can form the

Expanded High Court likely to let police probe Netanyahu's PR people

Justices sounded highly critical of the police for the slow pace of fixing errors they were making in improperly invading the privacy of suspects regarding cell phones and other electronic devices.

Gideon Sa'ar: Likud MKs back anti-Netanyahu laws

Sa’ar proudly displayed Netanyahu’s signature on a Likud-sponsored bill during the tenure of then-prime minister Ehud Olmert that was aimed at blocking him from making a comeback.


Israel wrong to wait for FDA COVID-19 vaccine booster approval - Netanyahu

"We already beat the coronavirus," Netanyahu said. "We brought millions of vaccines, and we need two million more to protect seniors now. What are they waiting for?"


Likud MKs are pawns in Bibi’s game - opinion

Netanyahu simply spews criticism of Bennett’s and Lapid’s political moves over the media, without filters, and without a single grain of self-consciousness. It is embarrassing.

Lapid blames failed Israeli PR for rise in antisemitism, Israel bashing

"The state of Israel is in trouble," said Lapid as he blamed the situation on the past government which had been headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Benny Gantz

Why is Gantz prioritizing Knesset duties over the Defense Ministry?

Gantz will be up all night at the Knesset, voting on bills and amendments, enduring three nights of Likud filibusters aimed at exhausting the coalition.

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