Israeli Palestinian Conflict

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Israelis, Palestinians need a reset in relations - opinion

We will never be able to return to the negotiating table until we begin to trust that both sides want to live in peace

International Criminal Court, The Hague

ICC is probing Israelis for war crimes: What happens now? - analysis

If Khan continues down Bensouda’s path against Israel, the next question is how quickly and whether there might be any threat to Israelis being arrested or indicted.

International Criminal Court, The Hague

Gantz says Israel moving to protect citizens from ICC

Justice minister’s comments contradict calmer messages from gov't experts.

 A GENERAL view of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City last year.

How Biden should handle Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - opinion

While the Israeli-Palestinian issue is not expected to figure prominently on the administration’s short-term agenda, Biden’s foreign policy and defense appointees are expected to deal with the issue.


How Palestinian elections will impact Israel - opinion

Direct negotiation between Israel and the PA remains the sound path to a sustainable, comprehensive peace

Why the Left struggles on the Israel question - opinion

The core root of these perceptions, I suggest, centers on three all-encompassing themes.


European parliamentarians warn against de facto West Bank annexation

"Diplomatic, legal and financial support for Palestinian communities at risk of demolition and forcible transfer should be increased."

The harmful effect of despair on Israel’s Left - opinion

During my time working alongside Shimon Peres, I often heard him say that despair was not a work plan.


Palestinian lies, American delusions on solving the conflict - opinion

US President Joe Biden signals a backslide to the tired, old, false paradigms relating to the Middle East.


Biden should leverage Trump's successes for Middle East's future - opinion

If we examine Trump’s policies through an Israeli filter, we will see that his actions have helped to stabilize the Middle East and correct past mistakes.

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