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Pollution could be a sign of alien civilization, study finds

Many compounds that can possibly be found in the atmospheres in other planets can often only be made through industry.


Nasa, Israel's US Embassy hold memorial for Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon

"Research of the universe and trips through space are not only fascinating... but are opening doors - and universes -to help better humanity."

Axiom Space Station

Axiom Space unveils 1st private ISS crew joining Israeli Eytan Stibbe

The crew will live aboard the US segment of the ISS for about eight days and participate in research and philanthropic projects.


Virgin Orbit tries to reach space with mid-air rocket launch

The rocket ignited its NewtonThree engine for a few seconds but cut off mid-air due to a broken propellant line, Virgin Orbit's Chief Executive Dan Hart said in July.

Hubble mosaic image of the Sombrero galaxy

Astronomers were wrong about the number of galaxies in universe - study

What if the universe is a little darker than expected, with far fewer galaxy than had been previously estimated for years?

Will the Biblical Star of Bethlehem appear in the sky ahead of Christmas?

On December 21, our solar system's two biggest planets will come within close proximity of one another, in what is known as a great conjunction.

Israel’s second astronaut - the dawn of a new tomorrow

Astronaut Eytan Stibbe will fly to the International Space Station in 2021.

War in Space: Rules-based cooperation is only way to keep space peaceful

“Preventing conflicts in outer space and preserving outer space for peaceful purposes" is more necessary than ever.


SpaceX, NASA begin first operational astronaut mission to space

NASA is calling the flight its first "operational" mission for a rocket and crew-vehicle system that was 10 years in the making.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, scheduled to launch a U.S. Air Force navigation satellite.

SpaceX launch of crew on first 'operational' mission delayed by weather

NASA officials signed off on Crew Dragon’s final design earlier this week, ending a nearly 10-year development phase for SpaceX under the agency’s public-private crew program.

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