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Could Chad be a ‘time bomb’ affecting Algeria, Sahel in Africa? - analysis

While Chad had cracked down on extremism there is now concern of growing chaos. The burden on Algeria as a center of stability now grows.

Attackers kill at least 20 in attack in Ethiopia -official

The Amhara and Oromiya regions share a border and attacks between the two ethnic groups in border areas have been rising in recent months.

A handaxe from the Achelean layers at Wonderwerk, South Africa. In the background is the cave entran

Israeli scholars find millions-year-old human traces in ‘Miracle’ Cave

“We can now say with confidence that our human ancestors were making simple Oldowan stone tools inside the Wonderwerk Cave 1.8 million years ago."

President Rivlin with President Deby of Chad II, 25 November 2018

Chad President Idriss Deby dies on front lines, says army spokesman

General Mahamat Kaka, the son of Deby, was named interim head of state, an army spokesman said.


New agricultural fellowship grant creates global impact

The Dean Family Fellowship Grant program is a 5-year partnership between JNF-USA, the Dean family from Philadelphia, PA., and AICAT.


Passover celebrated in Muslim, Central African countries - in pictures

What does the Passover holiday look like in Muslim countries and countries with small or non-existent Jewish communities?

BEAUTY AND archaeology: Apollonia National Park in Herzliya.

Early humans from 100,000 years ago collected crystals, eggshells

The ostrich shells found in the study were certainly collected, but they were common to the area, leading the researchers to believe that they were the remains of water containers.

The Aura Air system, shown here installed on a bus, was found to be more than 99.9% effective.

Israeli air disinfectant start-up to open innovation center in Ethiopia

A month long study at Sheba Medical Center found last year that the start-up's clean air system has the ability to eliminate different viruses and bacteria at a rate of 99.97%.

ORT launches Ghanaian computer courses for girls, with support of UNESCO

Thanks to the support of UNESCO, Nduom Group and Coconut Grove Hotel, not only will ORT be able to educate these young girls, but the local library will also get new computers.

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