Do you look young for your age? Study examines effects of aging on body

If you look young for your age, the health of your body and mind is likely a reflection of that.


Old mice regain eyesight and develop younger brain in new study

The study also cites information theory of aging, which states that "a loss of epigenetic information is a reversible cause of aging." 

If you don't drink enough water, you can age faster, die younger - study

Dehydration could lead to early signs of aging, developing a number of chronic diseases and premature death, according to a new large-scale 25-year study.

What foods can slow down the aging process?

Some foods are beneficial and slow aging while others can be harmful and quicken the process.


COVID-19: Severe patients have brain similar to 71-year-olds’ - study

The researchers recommend that neurological follow-up studies be conducted on recovered COVID-19 patients to analyze the status of their brains.

Is there a lighter side to becoming old?

Although it’s true that I’ve been young and I’ve been old, and young is better, there are some compensations. Not a lot. But we all know that growing old is much better than the alternative.

Childhood lead exposure could lead to lower cognitive ability in old age- study

Juvenile exposure to lead can permanently harm the central nervous system, impairing cognition defined by metrics such as IQ.

Crossword puzzles beat video games in slowing memory loss

Study finds adults with mild cognitive decline who did puzzles showed less brain shrinkage, better daily functioning

Sabar Health President: Health system must expand home hospitalization

"Does sleeping in a hospital improve their condition? Absolutely not, and the opposite is the case. We know hospitalization in old age is dangerous," said Dr. Itamar Offer.


New anti-aging tech, Sofwave, to launch breakthrough device in Israel

The new anti-aging technology will be launched at the International Congress on Medical Aesthetics & Anti-Aging in October25-26 in Tel Aviv.

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