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Protests about the judiciary, American and Israeli style - opinion

In both countries, people protest their judiciary, but in Israel, these protests have not turned violent even as tensions rise.

The famed Dershowitz family and a story of aliyah to Israel

Rabbi Prof. Zecharia Dor-Shav (Dershowitz) is a retired professor from Bar-Ilan University, an author and speaker, uncle to renowned US lawyer Alan Dershowitz.


Dershowitz: I could bring Netanyahu, Barak to table to discuss compromise

The one thing that Prof. Alan Dershowitz felt that he and Kontorovich would have difficulty compromising on was the judge selection committee.

Miriam Adelson, Noa Tishby criticize Israeli gov't amid judicial reforms

The statements from Adelson and Tishby join a chorus of figures who have in the past been notable for slapping down Jewish Diaspora criticism.


Voices from the Arab press: Netanyahu: The unexpected moderate

A weekly selection of opinions and analyses from the Arab media around the world.


Less minority and civil rights will weaken liberty , not democracy - opinion

There are reforms that can be enacted without harming civil liberties, like reducing the jurisdiction of the Court over essentially political issues.

Netanyahu government's 'reforms' are an attack on all Israelis - opinion

Israel would become a country in which the citizens literally have no rights unless the government allows it.


Dershowitz: High Court an 'Iron Dome' that protects IDF soldiers from ICC

Alan Dershowitz, Professor of Law, Emeritus at Harvard University offers insight on how to reach compromise on the judicial reforms and whether Israeli democracy is truly in danger.

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