Amichai Chikli

Diaspora min. bashes radio host for attacking Conservative, Reform Jews

Chikli argued that any amendments to the Law of Return have a "dramatic influence" on Diaspora Jews.


Most online antisemitism stems from Palestinians, pro-Palestinian circles - report

According to the comprehensive research carried out by the Diaspora Affairs Ministry, 68% of antisemitic discourse on social media is from Palestinian or progressive pro-Palestinian circles.


Diaspora Minister suggests creating a fund for Jewish day school tuition

Diaspora Affairs Minister Amichai Chikli wants to see funding be made available for Jewish education outside of the Jewish state.


Israeli-Americans are slowly integrating into US Jewish life

The Israeli-US Jewish community is doing what Israelis can't even imagine, co-existing with one another.


Fixing Israel's Law of Return needs careful thought - editorial

This requires careful thought and planning, not an overnight revamping of the Law of Return, which remains an essential tenet of Israel’s national existence.

Israel's Law of Return won't change overnight, Diaspora minister stresses

Chikli stressed that the Grandchild Clause is not about to be canceled, rather a committee would be set up to deal with the topic.


Israel has too many foreign ministers - editorial

Today, Netanyahu’s government numbers 29 ministers, with fully five dealing with functions traditionally under the Foreign Ministry’s purview.

Israel can protect world Jewry by giving them a voice in Israel - opinion

The real value of nurturing formal dialogue today actually lies in the relationship between the Jewish people and the State of Israel tomorrow.


Amichai Chikli's father: He has 'openness, tolerance of inclusion' - interview

Last week, Chikli emphasized that he was not a member of the Conservative movement and did not grow up as a Conservative Jew.


Israel's diplomacy chaos: Multiple offices for public diplomacy - explainer

The government offices or departments that deal with public diplomacy are about to grow in this round of Netanyahu as prime minister.

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