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2,000-year-old Iron Age 'death pit' sheds light on ancient civilization

"People who lived here were also buried here, so we can understand their burial practices and their belief system," an archaeologist at the Dorset site said.

Ancient sex toy discovered in 18th century toilet

The artificial phallus was found in spring 2015 during archaeological excavations conducted in the historical center of Gdańsk, in one of the latrines.

Teeth from royal cattle herds of Ur shed light on ancient life - study

The study provided groundbreaking insights into the economy, health and diet of ancient Mesopotamia during a period of urbanization as cities and states began to crop up across the region.

Ancient Swiss Army knife indicates how early humans communicated - study

Early humans relied on cooperation and social networking, and this study provides some of the earliest dated observation of this behavior.

Archaeologist finds earliest wool production in all of Europe - study

In recent years there has been increased academic interest in textile production, particularly of wool.

Oldest Neolithic settlements in Turkey redefine domestication, society

An overabundance of food sources led to sedentary communities and monumental special buildings may have created cohesiveness.

Restoration reveals engravings in Egypt’s Temple of Esna

After clearing years of dust, salt and bird droppings off the walls and ceilings of Luxor's Temple of Esna, archeologists found ancient depictions of eagles.

A Turkish flag, with the New and the Suleymaniye mosques in the background

Antiquities thieves in Turkey caught trying to sell ancient marble bathtub

Made entirely from marble, the tub is the only one of its kind found in Turkey

Prehistoric people created art by fire -study

Researchers said the carvings are likely to have been made using stone tools by Magdalenian people, an early hunter-gatherer culture dating from between 23,000 and 14,000 years ago.

Earliest evidence of Maya calendar found inside Guatemalan pyramid

The fragments were found at the San Bartolo archeological site in the jungles of northern Guatemala.

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