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A J Street panel meeting

J Street is the go-to Israel-focused US NGO? God help us! - opinion

It is clear that J Street and its fellow travelers like Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow view Israel through the prism of the American Jewish experience.

The Idaho House of Representatives Room in Idaho State Capitol Building

Idaho and West Virginia pass anti-Israel boycott laws

Idaho’s Anti-Boycott Against Israel Act states that public entities cannot do business over a total of $100,000 with companies that do not expressly oppose the BDS movement


Pomona student gov't passes BDS bill to cut club funds violating UN blacklist

The BDS resolution, passed unanimously, will cut funding for clubs engaging with one of the 130 businesses on the UNHRC blacklist, may impact groups like Chabad and Hillel.


Princeton Hillel and an Israeli flag - opinion

Inclusivity is a two-way street. I, along with many other students, feel excluded by a Hillel that refuses to prominently display the Israeli flag.

A J Street panel meeting

Can J Street stoop any lower in backing anti-Israel views? - opinion

NGO is lobbying to restrict US military aid to Israel and moving towards a ‘confederated state’ to replace Israel.

Spain flag

Concerns about radical, anti-Zionist parties ahead of Madrid elections

‘Voting for these two parties is voting for the discrimination of Jews and ostracization of Jewish life and the community,’ says head of ACOM organization which fights Israel boycotts.

A student exits a bus as he arrives at Venice High School in Los Angeles, California

Controversial California ethnic studies curriculum passes unanimously

Jewish orgs had pilloried the first draft since its release in 2019, both for not discussing the American Jewish experience and for including antisemitic language and anti-Israel sections.


Jewish students fight hate and lies about Israel with truth - opinion

While Jewish student groups on campuses endeavor to involve Jewish students in their activities, the reality of the challenge is enormous.

A man carries a wooden Star of David as people attend a demonstration themed with the slogan "#untei

A liberal definition of antisemitism that allows for Israel criticism

“Paying disproportionate attention to Israel and treating Israel differently than other countries is not prima facie proof of anti-Semitism."

The sign of the Ditib Koca Sinan mosque after it was destroyed by a fire in Berlin, Germany, March 1

Youth group calls out Muslim leader's antisemitism, leads to resignation

His Facebook page, the group showed, has featured antisemitic and anti-Israel content since 2013, in one instance referring to IDF soldiers "as 'Jewish dogs.'"

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