Ex-HRW head Ken Roth denied Harvard fellowship due to 'anti-Israel bias' - report

During Roth's tenure as the head of HRW, the watchdog NGO was often criticized for its statements and publications against Israel, including accusing the Jewish state of apartheid.

Apartheid slander is latest verbal weapon against Israel - opinion

Two reports, one by Amnesty International and the other by Human Rights Watch add to the slander accusing Israel of apartheid.


The top ten worst antisemitic incidents of 2022 - SWC

In a year filled with antisemitic rhetoric and attacks, the Shimon Wiesenthal Center ranked their ten most prominent antisemitic incidents of 2022.

Why does the EU disproportionately fixate on Israel? - opinion

The EU’s extreme and illogical fixation seems to represent and echo the long-held personal aversion and hostility to Israel of EU High Representative Josep Borrell.


How does the White House report on antisemitism? - opinion

This is but a brief overview of White House experiences addressing the topic of antisemitism.


My Word: The UN’s jokes, tricks and disasters

The UN General Assembly passed no fewer than 15 resolutions targeting the Jewish state in 2022 – compared to 13 on the rest of the world combined.

View of the Israeli nuclear facility in the Negev Desert outside Dimona

UN says Israel must give up nuclear weapons in lopsided vote

Ukraine was absent from the vote after supporting the initial text.

Is Qatar using anti-Israel sentiment to deflect from critique? - analysis

At the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Doha wants to appear moderate, welcoming and inclusive, while stoking anti-Israel views.

November 29: Anti-Israel clichés and the 1947 UN vote - analysis

What matters today is that every year on November 29, one of the latest in vogue narratives about 1947 and Israel’s creation is that it was a “settler colonial” enterprise.

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