Ben-Gurion Airport

Ben-Gurion Airport is Israel's main international airport, and is the busiest one in the country. Originally named Lod Airport in 1948, it was renamed after Israel's first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion in 1973.

Located on the outskirts of the city of Lod, 15KM from Tel Aviv, the airport is operated by the Israel Airports Authority, a government-owned corporation responsible for all public airports and border crossings in the country.

The two operational terminals at the airport are Terminal one and Terminal three. 

Terminal one was the main building in Ben-Gurion Airport before the opening of Terminal three, upon which it was closed except for domestic and government flights. Between 2010-2017 the terminal was used for check-in, security screening, and passport control for low-cost international flights, although the flights themselves departed from Terminal 3. Since 2017, the low-cost flights have departed from Terminal one after extensive renovations. Terminal Three has been the main international gateway in and out of Israel since it opened in October 2004. 

Ben-Gurion International Airport is thought to be the world's most secure airport, with vehicles going through a preliminary security gate before even entering the compound. Armed personal are positioned around the building, and both uniformed and plainclothes security officers patrol the inside of the building.

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