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Bird flu: How is North America's largest-ever outbreak spreading? - study

“There's reason to expect this virus is here to stay, and it's not going to disappear."


Rare upsurge in bird flu makes for worst-ever crisis in France

The H5N1 virus has spread rapidly in the Pays de la Loire region since last month and hit Brittany mid-March, further up the Atlantic coast. The two regions are France's largest poultry producers.


Egg prices continue to rise amid ongoing bird flu outbreak

Over 17 million birds have died or been culled due to the bird flu outbreak in the US.


Bird flu continues to spread in US, egg prices rising

New outbreaks were reported in domestic flocks throughout the eastern and central US, sparking a spike in egg prices as the Easter holiday approaches.


Bird flu poses 'low public health risk' amid outbreaks in 13 US states

CDC isn't overly concerned as Avian Influenza outbreaks were found in domesticated flocks in Maryland, Missouri, Indiana, Connecticut and Iowa last week.


New outbreaks of bird flu detected in Michigan, Delaware, Maine

Some 935 outbreaks of HPAI have been detected in animals since late January, according to FAO.


North America bird flu outbreak continues to spread

New cases of avian influenza have been reported in domestic flocks in New York and Indiana.


Bird flu detected in more commercial flocks in US

14 million cases of avian influenza were reported in birds in 2021, more than the previous five years combined.


First bird flu infection in US commercial flock detected in Indiana

No human infections with HPAI have ever been detected in the US • Europe is experiencing its “strongest avian flu epidemic ever”


Bird flu continues to spread in North America, Europe

Florida reported its first cases of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza of the season last week.

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