Russian drone destroy Ukrainian military boat - report

The report claims the footage shows the Ukrainian ship hit by a Russian reconnaissance drone. The video also showed smoke emitting from the vessel shortly after impact.

'Catching waves' on land: What is landsickness?

Why do we sometimes continue to feel as if we’re still on a boat, even after having already disembarked?


How do 'hitchhiking' marine species survive the ride? - study

Researchers at TAU in Israel conducted a unique experiment on invasive marine species, simulating changing environmental conditions from Asia to Europe.

China unveils new AI USV drone vessel after voyage completion

The unmanned surface vessel(USV) was put through two set up routes and collected data successfully as planned.

Sailing in Israel: Choosing a different tack

Who wants to be a skipper? I took a course at a sailboat school and it was life-changing.

Teams search through night for 39 missing from capsized boat off Florida

Incidents of overturned or interdicted vessels crowded with people, many of them Haitians or Cubans seeking to reach the United States, are not uncommon in Florida's waters.

 Italian coastguard members throw a rope to a boat in distress carrying migrants, during a rescue op

Italian coastguard rescues hundreds of migrants off Lampedusa island

A total of 296 people, including 14 women and 8 minors, were saved.


Ancient Egyptian king's boat moved from Giza pyramids

The vessel, discovered in 1954 at the southern corner of the Great Pyramid, has been exhibited for decades at a museum bearing its name at Giza Plateau. Now it's on the move to a new home.


Tibi, Bar Am place 4th, 11th in sailing races 7, 8; 8th place overall

The two now hold 55 points, only 10 points behind the fourth place Switzerland, but far behind the three leaders from Poland, Britain and France.

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