Case 4000

Netanyahu's trial to start January 2021, calling witnesses 3 times a week

The judge in Netanyahu's case said it was impossible to hold a trial if Netanyahu's lawyers continue to complain about whether they are being paid.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking at the Knesset, February 2020.
Netanyahu calls to imprison journalist for criticizing him, retracts

Gantz: Journalists must criticize us politicians

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu, wearing a face mask, stands inside the courtroom at the Jerusalem
My Word: Trying times for the prime minister and country

Netanyahu is definitely obsessed by the media, but it’s mutual.

Likud MKs applaud Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of his first trial hearing on Sunday
Right from wrong: Why we want Netanyahu’s trial televised

For some reason, the Jerusalem District Court – where the arraignment took place and the rest of the trial will be held – nixed the idea to televise it.

SHAUL ELOVITCH appears in Jerusalem District Court Sunday at the start of their trial.
The other defendants in Netanyahu's trial could determine his fate

Who are Netanyahu's co-defendants, and how could they affect the outcome of the trial for the prime minister?

PRIME MINISTER Benjamin Netanyahu and his codefendants in court on Sunday.
Netanyahu has had his day in court, but what has really changed?

“It can’t be” that one man can be prime minister and stand trial at the same time, it was intoned. Yet here we are.

Ehud Olmert: Netanyahu will go to prison for many years

Prime Minister will go to jail for many years says former prime minister.

Dershowitz on Netanyahu trial: 'Israel should be deeply ashamed'

Dershowitz added that if the prosecutors wanted to charge Netanyahu with a crime there should be certain precedents and parameters set around what constitutes the exploits as actionable offenses.

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