Did a hermit king live in a medieval Anglo-Saxon cave?

A cave discovered by archaeologists in Derbyshire, UK, may be the earliest intact domestic dwelling currently discovered in England – and a king may have lived in it.

The historic Finger Cave in the Carmel.

Israel is heating up - these are the caves to cool off in

Caves are underground, out of reach of sunlight, and remain cool all year round. And here in the Land of Israel, we are blessed with a plethora of caves.


Stoned in the Stone Age: Prehistoric humans got high - Israeli scholars

The altered state of mind caused by hypoxia also affected the practice of drawing in the caves.

Prof. hopes report on Jesus's home will focus attention on cave churches

The phenomenon of cave churches and how they influenced later Christian worship and architecture is just beginning to be studied seriously and in depth.

Beit Guvrin cave transforms into first-of-its-kind art installation

Italian contemporary artist Ivo Bisignano is showing his first solo exhibition, “Human Forms,” in the Southern Cave, one of the many caves located in the Beit Guvrin National Park.

Manot Cave (arrow in the image indicate where the foot was found)

Was a prehistoric ‘Magen David Adom’ fixing legs 35,000 years ago?

Study on a child's fractured bones finds that individuals must have taken care of the injury, allowing the child not only to survive but even to recover from the fracture.

A cave painting dating back to nearly 44,000 years is seen in Leang Bulu' Sipong 4 limestone cave in

44,000 year old cave painting thought to be world's oldest story

The hunting scene is thought to be the oldest known narrative piece of art yet discovered.

A summer chill

We embarked on a cool and chill cave tour that combines the best of all worlds: wonderful family fun, spectacular views and, of course, not being burnt under the scorching sun.

Experimental activity of cutting tubers with a small recycled flake and close up of its prehension.

Israeli scientists find evidence of 'recycling' 400,000 years ago

“Recycling was a way of life for these people,” said Prof. Ran Barkai, one of the Israeli researchers.

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