code of ethics

The ethics of Alzheimer’s: A challenging, yet critical, balance -opinion

We ask questions concerning our responsibilities in preserving any remaining quality of life and what we must do to preserve their dignity.

IDF purity of arms and Palestinian Authority bloodlust - opinion

Maj. Bar Falah lost his life as a result of top brass adherence to “The Spirit of the Israel Defense Forces,” the IDF’s official doctrine of ethics.


IDF adds ‘stateliness’ as fourth military value in code of ethics

The values outlined are acting for the good of the state, Defense of the State, its Citizens and Residents; Patriotism and Loyalty to the State; Human Dignity.

Does Israel have a moral foreign policy?

Zionism and the Jewish people's return to sovereignty have presented Jews with ethical and moral dilemmas that were irrelevant for centuries.


Media coverage of Tel Aviv terror attack debated in Knesset

The public debate began after the IDF, Shin Bet and Israel Police condemned the coverage of Thursday's attack, arguing that it interfered with the forces' actions and revealed classified information.

How to navigate the COVID-19 'jungle' - opinion

The onus of responsibility falls just as much so, if not to a far greater extent, than on our leaders and governments.

Workers protest outside the Finance Ministry in Jerusalem, June 2020

The ethics of firing in the time of coronavirus

While firing a worker is rarely an easy decision, it is often a necessary one for the very survival of a business.

Benjamin Franklin’s virtues – and practical Jewish ethics in prison

How Rabbi Eliahu Klein integrated Franklin’s autobiography and ‘Musar’ practice into a California rehabilitation program


Book review: A feast in Jewish food ethics

Practical ideas that can produce a healthier, more compassionate, just, peaceful and environmentally sustainable world.

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