Coral Reef

Coral reproductive capacity decreases with water depth - study

A new Tel Aviv University-led study questions the hope that deep coral populations may help replenish degraded shallow ones.

Study finds coral glows deep in the ocean to lure prey

The study shows that the marine animals on which corals prey recognize the fluorescent colors and are attracted to them.

Climate change is killing the world's coral reefs as oceans warm -study

The study by the Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network, a UN-supported global data network, showed that 14% of the world's coral on reefs was already lost between 2009 and 2018.


EU, Peres Center, Frontier RNG launch Red Sea Ecosystem roundtable series

A major topic discussed was the corals in the Red Sea, the Gulf of Aqaba and the Gulf, which are known to be fairly resilient to increased water temperatures and acidity.

Cellular mapping of coral could help save reefs — new study

Over half a billion people depend on coral reefs for food, income, and protection, but climate change and pollution threaten to decimate coral populations.

Red Sea coral reefs at risk of bleaching if temperature drops - study

Research showed just how close their lower threshold Israel's southern coral reefs live.

Light pollution at night severely disrupts coral reproductive cycle

Last month, researchers at Tel Aviv University found that certain reef-building corals in the Red Sea’s Gulf of Eilat have lost their synchrony, “dramatically reducing” their chances of reproducing.

A coral reef.

Technion, TAU researchers discover coral tentacle movement pattern

The study shows that the oscillating movements of the tentacles are not passive and the coral tentacles precede the movement of the waves in an out-of-phase motion.

The Red Sea Simulator at the inter-university institute in Eilat allows for continuous, automated mo

Israeli, Arab, int’l scientists call for action to save Red Sea corals

Achieving regional cooperation between countries such as Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia presents unique challenges, but the scientific community is ready to do its part.

Israeli coral reef survey reveals major changes in Great Barrier Reef

Coral reefs are very sensitive to any environmental change. Multiple stressors can lead to dramatic deterioration that can result in loss of reefs and their ecological services for years.

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