Coral Reef

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A coral reef.

Technion, TAU researchers discover coral tentacle movement pattern

The study shows that the oscillating movements of the tentacles are not passive and the coral tentacles precede the movement of the waves in an out-of-phase motion.

The Red Sea Simulator at the inter-university institute in Eilat allows for continuous, automated mo

Israeli, Arab, int’l scientists call for action to save Red Sea corals

Achieving regional cooperation between countries such as Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia presents unique challenges, but the scientific community is ready to do its part.

Israeli coral reef survey reveals major changes in Great Barrier Reef

Coral reefs are very sensitive to any environmental change. Multiple stressors can lead to dramatic deterioration that can result in loss of reefs and their ecological services for years.


Breakdown in spawning synchrony places corals at ‘risk of extinction’

Researchers at TAU found that highly synchronized spawning events of certain reef-building corals in the Red Sea’s Gulf of Eilat have completely changed and lost their vital synchrony.


Israeli researchers are using 3D printing technology to help rebuild coral reefs

Coral reef systems are being continuously degraded worldwide. This technology, now being applied off the coast of Eilat, helps rebuild the diversity of the underwater ecosystem.

Photo of Red Sea corals

Israel forms partnership with Arab nations to protect Red Sea corals

Israel will partner with neighboring Red Sea countries, including Saudi Arabia and Sudan, to establish a research center for the study, monitoring and protection of coral reef ecosystems.

 A clownfish and a sea anemone find shelter in plastic waste in a coral reef off the coast of Eilat

Israel moves pristine corals after restricted beach reopens

Scientists found a magical undersea world of unspoiled corals and schools of fish.

The Reef in Eilat, part of a report by the Israel Nature and Parks Authority August, 8 2018.

Coral reef in Eilat, the northernmost reef in the world, is growing

In a world where coral reefs are shrinking rapidly, the coral reef in Eilat has grown thanks in part to the actions of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

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