david's sling

David's Sling

Did Israel withdraw from Swiss air-defense tender due to U.S. pressure?

Rafael Advanced Defense System's David's Sling was a top contender...until they failed to bid.

A David's Sling interceptor missile is fired during a test, March 19th, 2019

Israel, U.S. complete successful David Sling tests

Tests of an advanced version of system were carried out in southern Israel.

David's Sling

Where's David’s Sling and why wasn't it used to intercept Iran's missiles?

Missile defense system hasn’t been used since it failed to intercept Syrian missiles last year.

Second David's Sling missile fell in Syria without hitting target

Israel to boost missile defense spending by NIS 30 billion over next 10 years

Iron dome, F-16s and Israeli Navy fleet

IDF's Top five military achievements of 2017

On Land, on Sea and in the air, the IDF continues to dominate the region with its military advantage.

David's Sling

David's Sling air defense shield to be fully operational in Israel in early April

Missile-defense system completes comprehensive protective umbrella against aerial threats.

David's Sling

Pentagon budget requests $146 million for Israel defense support

US Missile Defense Agency's fiscal 2017 budget request includes $103.8 m. for Israeli cooperative programs, down from $267.6 m. in fiscal 2016, plus $42 m. for Iron Dome, down from $55 m.

Test réussi pour la fronde de David

La fronde, la flèche et le dôme

Après Arrow et Dôme de fer, la Fronde de David est le dernier volet d’un système élaboré de défense antimissile à trois niveaux qui frôle parfois la science-fiction

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon (R) looks into Syria on tour of Golan Heights

Ya'alon: David's Sling defense system may not be operational in time due to lack of budget

Defense minister notes that terrorists in Gaza have amassed 10,000 rockets; IAF chief: Air Force is quietly fighting a "war between the wars."

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