dead sea scroll

'Deadly Scrolls': A fatal encounter with history - review

Discovering a new Dead Sea Scroll wrapped in a messianic murder mystery.

Essenes: The origins of Christianity lie in this ancient Jewish sect

The key figure for our inquiry was John the Baptist, apparently an Essene.


Passover trips in Israel: Springtime visit to the Dead Sea

It’s not always easy to find a nice, reasonably priced place to stay in our tiny country, but the thought of finally being able to take a real vacation is extremely enticing.


Intact early Bronze Age jug found by American tourist in Judean Desert

Caves have been excavated for decades in the area where Dead Sea Scrolls were found.

Jerusalem highlights February 4–10

What's new to do in Israel's capital?

The site of the Qumran Scrolls, known as the Dead Sea Scrolls

Cairo Genizah paper may hold key to secrets of Qumran, Dead Sea Scrolls

An ancient religious ceremony, described in several Dead Sea Scrolls, could explain the mysteries of the archaeological site of Qumran.

Dead Sea Scrolls scholar flushes out mystery

How did Jews in the land of Israel use the toilet some 2,000 years ago? The legendary Dead Sea Scrolls offer some answers.

Sections of the ancient Dead Sea scrolls are seen on display at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem May 1

Dead Sea Scrolls: 2,000 years ago Jews used biblical ‘paperbacks’

Some 2,000 years ago, Jews use formal beautifully written biblical manuscripts for public reading as well as informal and sloppy written biblical texts for personal use.

Dead Sea Scrolls: Mysterious scribe wrote eight diverse scrolls, scholars find

“The main purpose of my work has been using artificial intelligence, an extraction algorithm and statistical analyses to test 51 manuscripts which share a particular handwriting style.”

A fragment from the Dead Sea Scrolls that underwent genetic sampling to shed light on the 2,000-year

How old are the Dead Sea Scrolls? Carbon-dating project to offer answers

The project and some preliminary results were presented at a conference at the university last week: while in many instances, some scrolls might be more ancient than previously thought.

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