dead sea scroll

Prof Joan Taylor in Rylands Library
2,000-year-old lost text uncovered in dispersed Dead Sea Scrolls fragment

Of 51 fragments examined, four had text in Hebrew or Aramaic. One carried the word "Shabbat."

German-Israeli project to bring the Dead Sea Scrolls alive on the screen

An advantage offered by a digital edition is that readers can test the editorial decisions by directly interacting with the primary data.

Dead Sea Scrolls fragments at DC museum are fake, its officials say

A team of researchers led by an art fraud investigator issued a 200-page report saying that while the fragments may be made of ancient leather, but the ink was from modern times.

Could studying ancient ink help shed new light on the Dead Sea Scrolls?

The study of manuscripts offers scholars a treasure trove of information hidden in plain sight, complementing those presented by the texts themselves

Dead Sea Scroll Caves
Deciphered Dead Sea Scrolls pose questions for historians

Deciphered by Prof. Ariel and Faina Feldman, the segments written in semi-cursive script, folded and were encased in small leather remnants.

Michael Maggen separating the pages in the Israel Museum laboratory
What's the connection between Ilan Ramon's diary, Dead Sea Scrolls?

The Israel Museum’s new exhibit connects the unlikely story of the biblical character Enoch and Israel’s first astronaut, Ilan Ramon.

A desert canyon leads in to the Dead Sea
Dead Sea

The Sea of Salt.

Israel hopes to beat treasure hunters with new excavations in Qumran caves

New discoveries could help solve the debate over who authored the Dead Sea Scrolls.

People pass the Museum of the Bible opening in Washington, DC
DC Bible Museum pulls fake Dead Sea scrolls

The Israel Antiquities Authority told the 'Post' that many forgeries are circulating on the foreign market.

A restorer works on a fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls in a laboratory at the Israel Museum in Jerus
A reflection on the significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls

We have arrived at a point when we truly have a right to celebrate seventy years of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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