Grapevine February 1, 2023: A clenched fist

Movers and shakers in Israeli society.

Israel rises to 31st place in 2022 Global Corruption Index

Israel's significant improvement in the 2022 index resulted in Israel gaining significant distance from countries perceived as politically corrupt.

Human dignity and liberty - opinion

To the notice of all those who argue that Israel’s democracy is not under threat, if Israel’s human rights legislation and the HCJ will both be weakened, how will human rights be protected in Israel?

Will Gantz join Netanyahu and be Israel's responsible adult? - opinion

Despite unequivocal denials from Netanyahu’s confidantes, talks with Gantz are ongoing, with the goal of getting him to join the government when the right opportunity arrives.

While we get distracted, antisemites undermine societal stability - opinion

It is difficult to understand why key allies would reflexively condemn the new Israeli government, even before understanding exactly how it will act and what it will try to accomplish.

Israel's enemy is outside of us, not within - comment

Now is not the time for the Jews to blame one another. The enemy is not within, but rather those on the other side so consumed by hate.


14 Days: IDF chief

Israeli news highlights from the past two weeks.


Judicial reform: Netanyahu is restoring balance to Israeli democracy - opinion

This is not the first time Netanyahu has been villainized for a much-needed change by politicians who manipulate the narrative for their own political gains.

Gadi Taub should celebrate being 'cancelled' - opinion

Taub was informed on Wednesday by the publication, for which he has been writing for more than a decade, that his articles would no longer be welcome.


My Word: A battle of images and image

There are those who paint a picture all in black, without the relief of the blue and white flags. They do protest too much, methinks.

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