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Gaza's settlers 15 years on: 'One day we will have to return'

A ‘Jerusalem Post’ reporter, on the frontlines in Gush Katif, recounts the surreal time of disconnect between settlers’ lost dreams and the encroaching destructive reality.

gaza disengagement

Gaza Disengagement: Reporting from the trenches

‘The Jerusalem Post’s then-defense correspondent opens up his reporter’s notebook on the disengagement, 15 years on.


Gaza Disengagement: Memories and lessons 15 years on

‘The Jerusalem Post’s editor-in-chief remembers his experiences as a reporter for the paper during this tumultuous time.


The reason for Disengagement: Sharon wished to avoid jail

The answer is that it had nothing to do with peace or war.


Knesset bill filed to repeal 2005 Disengagement Law

The bill would allow settlers to rebuild the four demolished Samaria settlements of Sa-Nur, Homesh, Gaddim and Kadim.

Israeli Gaza evacuees remain traumatized 15 years after Disengagement

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: The Disengagement began on August 15 in the Gregorian calendar, but in the Hebrew calendar, the events occurred in the immediate aftermath of the Tisha Be’av fast.

Settler leader Dagan fights to prevent evacuations, ensure sovereignty

SETTLEMENT AFFAIRS: When it comes to the importance of Israeli sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, all the lessons Dagan ever needed he learned in August 2005 in the small hilltop community of Sa-Nur.

Benny Gantz, chairman of the Israel Resilience Party

Is Benny Gantz suitable to lead Israel?

Lt. Gen. Gatz seems to be suggesting unilateral Israeli withdrawals and another disengagement. This is both frightening and clarifying.

gaza disengagement

The wars that defined us: Memories from Gaza

A former military correspondent reflects on her time covering the most turbulent years in Israel's history.

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