Terror victim’s widow calls for rally to save Homesh

The date of the Jerusalem protest marks the 30th day since Palestinian gunmen killed Yehuda, 25, as he left the Homesh hilltop.

Palestinians injured in violent clashes near Homesh

Settlers protest demolition of homes on Homesh hilltop

16th anniversary of Israel completing 2005 disengagement from the Gaza Strip

The disengagement plan evicted over 9,000 Israeli citizens from their homes in Gaza and northern Samaria.


Knesset to mark date of disengagement from Gaza, northern Samaria

The Land of Israel Caucus requested that the date of the Gaza disengagement be marked, in a letter to the Knesset Speaker signed by 58 MKs from parties in the coalition and opposition.

Settlers resettle Sa-Nur overnight, Nov. 17, 2020

Activists end one-day Sa-Nur standoff, call for settlement to be rebuilt

"It is clear that there is no person left in the State of Israel who believes that this displacement was correct."

What if it was called disengagement and not annexation? – opinion

What would happen if Netanyahu had introduced his plan as a unilateral disengagement rather than applying sovereignty/annexation?


Gaza Disengagement and the expulsion’s impact on religious-Zionism

The religious trauma was felt by many in the religious-Zionist camp who, though not residents of the uprooted settlements, also shared the divine drama ideal.


Gaza's settlers 15 years on: 'One day we will have to return'

A ‘Jerusalem Post’ reporter, on the frontlines in Gush Katif, recounts the surreal time of disconnect between settlers’ lost dreams and the encroaching destructive reality.

gaza disengagement

Gaza Disengagement: Reporting from the trenches

‘The Jerusalem Post’s then-defense correspondent opens up his reporter’s notebook on the disengagement, 15 years on.


Gaza Disengagement: Memories and lessons 15 years on

‘The Jerusalem Post’s editor-in-chief remembers his experiences as a reporter for the paper during this tumultuous time.

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