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Israel examining impact to its economy of int'l sanctions on Russia

"The Foreign Ministry has been leading one of the most complex operations in the history of the state in the last five days. We'll do everything not to leave any Israelis or Jews behind," Lapid says.

Can Israel become Europe’s gas supplier?

With Europe realizing its complete dependency on Russia's gas, and if played with the right cards, the crisis in Ukraine can be an opportunity for Israel's gas exportation to Europe

Israel’s GDP is up, but that growth is misleading - analysis

“The headlines are very sensationalist. 2020 was a really bad year, so in 2021, we're coming out of the hole that we were in last year,” said Tel Aviv University professor Dan Ben-David.

Protests abound as week starts with minimum wage and cost of living concerns

The 'Minimum 40' movement has protested Finance Minister Liberman’s plan to increase the minimum wage, arguing that this undermines a current law that could more significantly increase wages.

Gradually increasing prices could lead to ruin for lower-income Israelis - analysis

Israel has one of the world’s highest income wage gaps, with the bottom 50% of the nation making 19 times less than the top 10%.

Avigdor Lieberman, former Israeli Defence Minister and head of Yisrael Beytenu party

Israel’s minimum wage is increasing: Here's what you need to know

The package deal was presented to the public in November, with the main details only being announced recently.

A WOMAN pushes children in a shopping cart in front of a Shufersal ‘

Abercohen to step down as Shufersal CEO amid price fixing scandal

Market sources say, however, that what brought about Abercohen's resignation announcement was the investigation that the Competition Authority began a few months ago of alleged price fixing.


Amid construction boom, Israel’s hotel sector optimistic about 2022

Isrotel hotel chain will invest $1 billion in new construction, as the industry hopes for a strong springtime recovery with Israel reopening its borders.


The IDF Chief of Staff’s paycheck revealed in new defense report

A new finance report indicates that wages in the defense system are high relative to the average wage in the economy.

Goldman Sachs to double Tel Aviv staff - report

Since the recent diplomatic breakthrough in the Middle East, Goldman Sachs has worked to drum up business for Israeli businesses.

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