Emek Refaim

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Moshe Lion, 2019.

Passover interview with Jerusalem Mayor, Moshe Lion

What would happen if you’re invited to a bat mitzvah that takes place in the “egalitarian” area? First I’d say no, but then I would check the case. Progressive Jewry is not a problem in Jerusalem.

The train to the east

A railway tale that rolls through 100 years of Jewish settlement and pioneering in the Jezreel Valley.

This week in Jerusalem

Events taking place in and around Jerusalem.


Grapevine: A Lion’s share of the kitty

Meanwhile, aside from trying to cobble a coalition, Lion has the ongoing problem that he inherited from Barkat – namely, will there or will there not be light rail service on the city’s Emek Refaim?

People protest outside a Teva Pharmaceutical Industries facility in Jerusalem on December 14

This week in Jerusalem: Life after Teva

A proposal was made that there should be an incentive to other firms in Jerusalem to absorb as many dismissed Teva employees as possible.

An alternate proposal for a tunnel would save both Mesila Park and Emek Refaim Street from the damag

The saga of the Blue Line

The Blue Line’s Emek Refaim path was opposed by local residents and businesses owners.

James Balfour

Grapevine: Balfour at Weizmann

A great deal of money from various members of the Sieff family went into promoting the Zionist cause and helping the development of Israel before and after statehood.

Barbara Shaw: Her new travel book, ‘My Jerusalem,’ also functions as a sort of coloring book for adu

Shaw's Jerusalem: A fun and unique take on a travel book

Shaw’s newest item is a book called 'My Jerusalem'; it’s a travel book that also functions as a sort of coloring book for adults.


Center Field: Stop Mayor Barkat’s ‘train of pain’ on Emek Refaim Street

Do only bullies win in the City of Peace and in Israeli politics?

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