Gulf States

Are we witnessing a geopolitical realignment in the Middle East?

Saudi Arabia is likely to be the next country to sign an agreement with Israel.

The United Arab Emirates and Israel share the values of coexistence

The United Arab Emirates and Israel are among the countries in the region most concerned with coexistence and the pursuit of peace and stability.

BAHRAIN’S CROWN Prince Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa (left) shakes hands with Shimon Peres as former P
The coming out of the Israel-Bahrain clandestine relationship

Bilateral relations, both open and secret, picked up pace after the turn of the millennium.

L to R: Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Abdullatif Al Zayani, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,
Gulf media: Israel-Gulf relations are an 'alliance of stability'

The goal of the Gulf states is to recreate a security framework that has been eroded since the 1990s.

CHAIRMAN OF the Conference of Presidents Malcolm Hoenlein with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
The ‘private diplomacy’ that laid groundwork for UAE, Bahrain agreements

"The US, Netanyahu, the Bahrain and UAE governments get the credit for these agreements, but the ties and relationships that were made were very important,” said Hoenlein.

Israel may be drawn into more Gulf media innuendoes with UAE deal

Israel may now find that media in the Gulf, which not only thrives on rumors but seeks to cater to local regimes, will highlight sensitive issues relating to Israel as a way to embarrass rivals.

Great expectations

Relations with the UAE seem set to feature the kind of commercial bustle that Israel’s previous peace deals never produced

Israel-UAE peace deal bridges the gulf

Israel has always sought normalization with the Arab world, but the ongoing Palestinian conflict prevented such a development until now.

Abu Dhabi skyline from marine
Following UAE-Israel deal, new ulpan launched to teach Hebrew in the Gulf

Interest in the Hebrew language is growing in the Gulf, as warmer ties between the UAE and Israel show potential for lucrative investments and tourism growth.

30 years after Gulf War: 7 reasons it matters so much today

While the US stumbled in confronting the crisis in July 1990, George Bush quickly assembled a massive coalition to destroy Saddam Hussein’s army.

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