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Historic anti-Pay for Slay bill passes into law

The law passed in its final reading by a vote of 87 to 15, with the support of MKs from every faction, except for Meretz and the Joint List.

Zoabi impeachment gains traction after High Court approval

To begin the impeachment process, 70 signatures are necessary, 10 of which must come from the opposition.

Likud lawmaker Anat Berko at a meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Securit
Bill prevents terrorists from being lawmakers

The law applies to those who have been sentenced to at least 7 years in prison

Haneen Zoabi
Zoabi’s liberties

Just last month the Knesset Ethics Committee slapped a one-week ban on Zoabi for calling IDF soldiers murderers.

Zoabi: Liberate U.S. Jews from Zionist lobby

Zoabi blasted American left-wing, progressive Jews in the interview for not completely giving up their support for Israel.

Zoabi court
Zoabi impeachment effort thwarted by coalition infighting

A final vote would be held in the plenum and could only pass with the approval of 90 MKs.

MKs move to impeach Zoabi after call for Palestinian march on Jerusalem

Will MK Haneen Zoabi become the first MK to be impeached under the new Impeachment Law?

Zoabi suspended from Knesset for calling IDF soldiers ‘murderers’

When an MK is suspended from the Knesset, he or she may vote in the plenum, but cannot participate in any other legislative activity.

Haneen Zoabi
Zoabi: Polish denial of Holocaust role shouldn't surprise Israelis

"He who denies his responsibility for war crimes that he himself perpetrates against the Palestinians should not be surprised by others," Zoabi said.

On Balad’s home turf, Arabs see racism in indictment recommendation

“If it were a Jewish party they wouldn’t touch it”.

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