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Israel's Labor quits Socialist International over BDS

Labor’s international secretary called the decision hypocritical and said Labor’s decision to suspend its membership was immediate and would become permanent if the decision is not cancelled.

Avi Gabbay

Gabbay, Zionist Union target Arab voters in Nazareth

The Zionist Union leader threatened critical party members with deselection from the electoral list.

Superman actor’s dream to visit Israel comes true

Dean Cain met with Prime Minister Netanyahu Tuesday and is scheduled to visit the Knesset during his trip.

Likud MK Oren Hazan

MK Oren Hazan disinvited from Dublin meeting with Palestinians

An Israeli parliamentary delegation will meet in Dublin with Palestinian Authority officials.

Naftali Bennett

Bennett calls on Trump to ‘make history, recognize Jerusalem’

Earlier Monday, when the cabinet received Trump at Ben-Gurion Airport, Bennett asked Trump face-to-face to be the first president to recognize Jerusalem, and Trump responded, “there’s an idea.”

Hilik Bar Harvard

Hilik Bar to present two-state diplomatic plan at Harvard

MK Bar: “Establishing one state in ‘Greater Israel’ might be a fantasy for some of us, but what it really means is ending the Zionist enterprise and crushing the idea of the Jewish state.”

Hilik Bar

MKs fight for aliya of remaining Ethiopian Jews

MKs from many different political parties came together to push the Israeli government to expedite the remaining Ethiopian Jews' aliya.

A POSTER of late prime minister Yitzhak Rabin on a wall near his memorial in Tel Aviv.

Coalition chairman: Rabin's murder was not political

Israeli politicians on the political Left accused right-wing leaders of revising historical facts to downplay the tragedy of Rabin's murder 21 years ago.

Deputy Knesset Speaker Hilik Bar (Zionist Union) speaks at a conference of the International Associa

Israeli MK Bar presents peace plan at Westminster

Bar spoke to lawmakers around the world about his plan to bring about a two-state solution.

Isaac Herzog

Herzog, Yacimovich unable to compromise on race date

The date will have to be decided ahead of the next Labor convention, which is tentatively set for July 10 but could be delayed due to a European soccer game.

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