New Israeli startup to keep prying eyes from your phone

Mobile technology startup Unplugged empowers consumers to communicate and browse online while protecting their privacy from unwanted monitoring and analysis.

 "The Expected One" by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, 1860

Why is this 19th century woman holding a smartphone?

The woman appears to be scrolling through her smartphone during her walk. Of course, that cannot be the case as the painting is from 1860.

By Walla!

This Youtuber smashed a car in order to test a new iPhone 14 feature

Youtuber TechRax is know for destroying gadgets in the experiments they upload regularly to their channel.

By Walla!

Phone stolen? Don't try this trick - though it does work

Waking up on a busy day and then losing your phone in the middle of it all can be stressful, but thanks to Apple's "Find my iPhone" app, you can easily find your lost phone even if it was stolen.


We're helping the metaverse succeed - here's how - comment

The future of the metaverse hinges on creating the right environment – both in the home and on the network.


Why does silencing your phone lead to more anxiety, not less? - study

People are glued to their phones and are constantly receiving notifications. So, some put their phones on silent. Does it really help calm down and lessen anxiety? New research says no.

By Walla!

WhatsApp to stop supporting old iPhone OS - time to upgrade

Famed text messaging application WhatsApp notifies it will stop support for old versions of iPhone OS from October 2022.

By Yinon Ben Shushan/Walla!

Susan Bennett, voice of Siri, partners with accessibility startup UserWay

Voice actor Susan Bennett was hesitant to come out as the iconic voice, but doing so has led to great collaboration.

NSO's Pegasus: How to know you're being tracked - and how to stop it

Do you think your phone is being targeted? These signs could help determine if you've been hacked and what you can do about it.

By Yinon Ben Shushan/Walla!
An attendee uses a new iPhone X during a presentation for the media in Beijing, China, 2017.

Apple aims to debut a new low-cost 5G iPhone and iPad in early March

The announcement will mark Apple’s first major event since a new MacBook Pro debuted in October.

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