israel aid to gaza

U.S. envoy Kushner calls UNRWA corrupt

Advisers to US President Donald Trump have publicly questioned the purpose of UNRWA throughout the last year, partially suspending US funding to the UN body in January.

Israel soldiers ride on a military vehicle as Palestinian demonstrators are seen during clashes at a
The Jews are still poisoning the wells

Yes, some Palestinians regularly experience a water deficit, but no, this unfortunate reality is not Israel’s doing.

Israel's security cabinet to debate humanitarian steps in Gaza

The plan would also speak of ways to speed up implementation of humanitarian projects.

It is not the economy, stupid

So long as Gaza continues to be governed by Hamas’s rule of the jungle, no Palestinian civil society, let alone a viable state, can develop.

Hamas turns away truckloads of Israeli humanitarian aid destined for Gaza

Hospitals in the Gaza Strip were reported to have struggled to treat Palestinians wounded in clashes with the IDF on the Israel-Gaza border.

A PALESTINIAN boy is carried as he looks at the scene of an Israeli air strike, south of Gaza City,
What’s missing from the conversation on Gaza

There are multiple players influencing life in Gaza, but the humanitarian situation there is largely the result of Israel’s restrictive access policy.

A Palestinian girl drinks from a public tap at the Jabaliya refugee camp in the Gaza Strip
What Israel’s policy should be regarding Gaza’s ‘humanitarian’ crisis

To prevent humanitarian crisis, Hamas should be left with policing capabilities, because the most important single cause preventing humanitarian crisis is law and order.

A Palestinian man sells falafel in a makeshift shop lit with a lamp powered by a battery during a po
Israel begins work to restore power supply in Gaza to previous levels

The additional 50 megawatts will slightly mitigate the power shortage in Gaza.

Gaza hospital
PA has not sent medical shipments to Gaza for over three months

Source says Abbas is pressuring Hamas to cede its control of Gaza.

Benjamin Netanyahu
Netanyahu: Israel doesn’t want Gaza violence outbreak

He spoke two-days after the security cabinet agreed to cut by 40% the amount of electricity it supplies to Gaza.

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