israel and lebanon

The Lebanese government collapsing is no reason to rush a deal - opinion

The Lebanon maritime border deal is bad for Israel strategically and financially.


Will the Israel-Lebanon deal play a role in elections? - opinion

With elections coming up and the new Lebanon-Israel maritime border deal, it may be a playing a major role in how people will vote.

It makes sense to be suspicious of the maritime deal - opinion

RIGHT FROM WRONG: No, you don’t have to be a maritime expert to grasp the magnitude of the gambit. Common sense and experience ought to suffice.


Lebanese president accepts maritime deal with Israel

Aoun said the deal represented a "historic achievement" in which Lebanon regained 860 square km of disputed maritime territory but insisted it did not pave the way to normalization of relations with

Modi on Sukkot, comedy and Israel

The Jerusalem Post Podcast with Yaakov Katz and Lahav Harkov.

Final text of Lebanon deal describes ‘permanent’ resolution to maritime dispute

The agreement states that representatives of Israel and Lebanon are to meet at Naqoura, on the border between the countries, to finalize the agreement.

Lebanon maritime deal goes to Knesset without vote

“Funds from the agreement will not go to Hezbollah,” National Security Adviser emphasizes.

Bennett refuses Shaked's request to use veto power over Lebanon deal

Shaked said on Wednesday that if the agreement is not brought to a vote, she would not support it. Bennett, however, announced that he supported the deal.

Biden congratulates Lapid on maritime border deal

"We have preserved Israel's security interests, we are on our way to a historic agreement," Yair Lapid's national security adviser says.

With the IDF on high alert, Gantz speaks with northern Israel officials

After putting the IDF on high alert due to Lebanon maritime border negotiations, Gantz was warned by northern regional authorities that the north is unprepared for war.

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