israel peace

Lining Rehov Rupin and all over the park were flowers in great profusion.

What will Israel look like in 2068?

Visions of Israel 2068: A dream of peace

Claudine and Mireille Aoun, daughters of Lebanon's President Aoun arrive for a state dinner

Lebanese president's daughter 'doesn't mind' conditional peace with Israel

"I defend the interests of my country Lebanon first. Are we required to remain in a state of war?" • Maronite leader: "Lebanon should be the last Arab country to normalize its relations with Israel."


Netanyahu’s foreign policy is crucial

The Israeli prime minister signed the Abraham Accords while facing internecine battles against home-front forces trying to topple him.

Palestinian and Israeli flags overlook Dome of Rock and Western Wall

Israel-UAE-Bahrain deals awaken hope for additional peace deals - opinion

Encountering Peace: I believe that a majority of the Israeli and Palestinian people want to live in peace.

ISRAELIS AND Palestinians converse during a weekly meeting in the West Bank. The two sides need to l

When protesting Netanyahu, don't forget his missed opportunities for peace

Our crime minister’s main crimes, much bigger than his corruption, is that he removed the possibilities for genuine negotiations with the Palestinians for the entire time he has been prime minister.

Sudan aims to leave US terror list through peace with Israel

Sudan is ready to follow the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain if Washington removes Khartoum from its list of countries sponsoring terrorism and provides significant economic aid.


Netanyahu's speech at the historic peace treaty signing

The full text of Netanyahu's speech at the deal-signing ceremony in Washington, D.C.

Sermon suggests Saudi Arabia near normalizing ties with Israel

According to Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, the imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, the prophet was so good to his Jewish neighbor that the latter converted to Islam.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas speaks during a leadership meeting in Ramallah, in the Israeli-o

Palestine, not Israel, will carry the cost of its rejectionist policies

The Palestinian Authority, unphased by its unsavory allies, is continuing to stick its head in the sand.

Grapevine: In black and white

Whether they were Jewish or Arab, religious or secular, new immigrants or veterans speaking in Hebrew, Arabic, English or Russian, the message was always the same – enough bloodshed on both sides.

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