israeli wine

israeli wine
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PURIM IS the time for a party, with good-value wine. The Selected brand of Carmel Winery, 50 years

Wine talk: Drinking to remember... or maybe to forget

The idea is to drink enough so one is unable to tell the difference between the phrases “Blessed be Mordechai” and “Cursed be Haman.”

La Forêt Blanche Wine

The wineries of the Negev are uniting into a regional wine club

For the first time ever, multiple wineries within the Negev area will join forces to launch a brand-new trademark.

Wine Talk: Wine and War

Wine and War is a film about wine in Lebanon from the Phoenicians until the present day.

The special fruit for Yarden Katzrin grows in the Golan Heights vineyards.

Wine talk: Israel’s first cult wine

It used to be the height of showing off for a private collector to throw open his cellar and show how many Yarden Katzrin bottles he had.

Wine talk: Return to Zion

The Zion Winery has a heritage going back to 1848, long before Carmel, Baron Edmond de Rothschild, Rishon Le Zion or Zichron Ya’acov were even heard of.

Wine Talk: Hail to our new Master of Wine

A new Master of Wine has emerged from Israel: Ido Lewinsohn, head winemaker of Barkan-Segal.

Six new geographical indications for wine are registered in Israel

Geographical indicators are considered to be a type of intellectual property. For this reason, once they have beeen registered they are protected by local and international laws.

New online Israeli wine store launched by Israel Innovation Fund

TIIF started pivoting it’s Wine on the Vine program - that allows people to virtually plant grapevines in top Israeli wineries – with the spread of the coronavirus in Israel.

Wine Talk: Fifty Shades of Pink

It’s possible to turn a party into an innovative wine-tasting at home. You don’t need a reason, but it helps.

THE CREAM of Israeli winemakers and viticulturists relaxing after a meeting.

Wine Talk: Mapping the way

After exhaustive discussions, the Israel Professional Enology Viticulture Organization (IPEVO) has published its own “Land of Israel Wine Map.”

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